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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Dr. Díez's office?
(a) In Oaxaca City, the capital of the state of Oaxaca.
(b) In Puebla, not far from Mexico City.
(c) Next to Azucena's office.
(d) A block away from Azucena's apartment.

2. After making love, what brings Rodrigo and Azucena "back to earth"?
(a) The house catches on fire, and they are forced to run out even though they are not dressed.
(b) They find a leg in their bed.
(c) The roof leaks and they are soaked with rain water.
(d) They are so hungry that they call for a pizza delivery.

3. Why does Rodrigo leave Azucena's apartment?
(a) He wants to collect his belongings and bring them back.
(b) He felt that, out of respect, he needed to go consult with his own Guardian Angel.
(c) He needs to get to work.
(d) He goes to see if he could help the people that were in the newscast.

4. What is the argument presented in chapter five in favor of suffering?
(a) Not everyone has done the work in their past lives necessary to avoid suffering.
(b) There is not enough abundance in the world for everyone to experience pleasure at the same time.
(c) It leads to enlightenment and evolution.
(d) Those who suffer do tasks in society that the pleasure seekers are unwilling to do, but are still necessary.

5. What does Azucena have to do to allow Rodrigo to visit her?
(a) Register his aura in the electromagnetic system protecting her apartment.
(b) Run to the store for some tea to offer him on his visit.
(c) Ask her Guardian Angel for permission.
(d) She must pray in order to affirm this visit is in line with Divine Will.

6. What does Isabel suspect?
(a) The termite report on her new home.
(b) Mammon's work proposal.
(c) People plotting against her.
(d) Her daughter's political intentions.

7. Why does Isabel disintegrate her daughter?
(a) Isabel believes that there may be a cure for her daughter's illness in the future.
(b) Isabel is jealous of her daughter's beauty.
(c) Isabel believes that her daughter would have been subversive because of her astrological chart.
(d) Isabel wants to organize her life in order to be able to better care for her daughter in the future.

8. Where do Azucena and Cuquita spot each other standing in the same line?
(a) At the Consumer Protection Agency.
(b) At the apartment public bathroom.
(c) At Tepito, the black market.
(d) At the drug store.

9. Why do men whistle at Azucena on the street?
(a) Her to-die-for legs.
(b) Her bright red hair.
(c) The sign around her neck.
(d) The cut of her blouse.

10. How does Mammon characterize his work?
(a) It is boring work, but someone has to do it.
(b) It is a great responsibility, but essential for Isabel's well-being.
(c) It is difficult work.
(d) It is a joy because he works with Isabel.

11. Who narrates the second chapter?
(a) Azucena.
(b) Anacreonte.
(c) Citlali.
(d) Rodrigo.

12. How does Azucena find her apartment when she returns from shopping?
(a) Freshly painted.
(b) Ransacked.
(c) On fire.
(d) Flooded.

13. What does Azucena buy on the black market, in an old clothing factory cellar?
(a) A body.
(b) Illegal music.
(c) Tamales.
(d) Chocolate.

14. What does Azucena hear during her interview?
(a) Classical music emitted from a helmet.
(b) The sound of something crashing through the window behind her.
(c) A car crash in the street outside the office.
(d) A voice over the intercom instructing all employees to evacuate the building.

15. How does Mammon characterize the Guardian Angels' work?
(a) Much less interesting than his own work.
(b) As a constant uphill battle.
(c) Easier than the work of the demons.
(d) Difficult.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is chapter one set?

2. What feature of her patio does Isabel want to hide?

3. What does Cuquia have in her shopping bag at the beginning of chapter seven?

4. What does Carmela do after speaking with Isabel about her dress?

5. Who does Azucena want to meet in chapter two?

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