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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of quotes are found at the beginning and end of the first chapter?
(a) Quotes from a popular television personality.
(b) Quotes from cookbooks.
(c) Quotes from Aztec poetry.
(d) Quotes from modern songs.

2. What makes the experience of the news broadcast more real to Azucena?
(a) Azucena's deep desire to have been at the place where the news cast was being filmed.
(b) The fact that Azucena knows Abel Zabludowsky.
(c) The fact that Rodrigo knows the victim of the crime, and she saw how it affects him.
(d) Televirtuality, which transports the viewer to the site of the news.

3. Where does Azucena end up by mistake on her way homes from the black market at Tepito?
(a) The wrong government office.
(b) In a diet center.
(c) To an apartment where a couple is making love.
(d) A dangerous street corner.

4. How does Mammon characterize the Guardian Angels' work?
(a) Much less interesting than his own work.
(b) Easier than the work of the demons.
(c) As a constant uphill battle.
(d) Difficult.

5. What does Rodrigo think of Azucena's smile and overall appearance?
(a) He fixates on the movement of her hips as she walks, and pays no attention to her smile.
(b) He is more attracted to her eyes, and he tells her that he has never seen such beautiful eyes.
(c) He hardly notices because physical features play a minor role in the meeting of twin soul.
(d) He only notices that she is taller than him.

6. What is the argument presented in chapter five in favor of suffering?
(a) Those who suffer do tasks in society that the pleasure seekers are unwilling to do, but are still necessary.
(b) There is not enough abundance in the world for everyone to experience pleasure at the same time.
(c) Not everyone has done the work in their past lives necessary to avoid suffering.
(d) It leads to enlightenment and evolution.

7. Why does the narrator of chapter eight claim that Azucena had to go through losing Rodrigo?
(a) Because she will only be ready to be with Rodrigo in several thousand lifetimes.
(b) To learn to listen to her Guardian Angel.
(c) In order to learn about the timing of the universe.
(d) To find, in the search for a solution, a solution to a much larger problem.

8. What would Azucena's Guardian Angel recommend if she would listen to him?
(a) That she open the gift box sitting on her couch.
(b) That she re-read The Law of Love.
(c) That she listen to the music CD.
(d) A cold shower.

9. Where does Anacreonte say that truth is found?
(a) Inside oneself.
(b) In nature.
(c) In religious texts.
(d) In Art.

10. Why is Cuquita's grandmother blind?
(a) She inherited a degenerative disease that left her with limited vision before going totally blind.
(b) It is karmic. She blinded others in a past life.
(c) She was born blind.
(d) She was injured in the 1985 earthquake.

11. How does Mammon characterize his work?
(a) It is boring work, but someone has to do it.
(b) It is a joy because he works with Isabel.
(c) It is a great responsibility, but essential for Isabel's well-being.
(d) It is difficult work.

12. Where is chapter one set?
(a) In the city of Tenochtitlan, as the Spanish conquer the Aztecs.
(b) At the pyramids of Teotihuacan.
(c) On the planet Jupiter.
(d) In twenty-third century Mexico City.

13. What does Dr. Díez implant in Azucena's brain?
(a) A device to send out messages in order to trick photomental cameras.
(b) A device that feeds her healing sounds when she has negative thoughts that might derail her from her purpose in life.
(c) A device that sends out vibrations that will help to attract love and wealth to her life.
(d) The idea that she must get married in order to feel fulfilled.

14. What kind of situations does Anacreonte claim we are put in?
(a) Situations that allow us to develop our deepest personal interests.
(b) Situations that can change our inner lives for the better.
(c) Situations that correspond to our degree of evolution.
(d) Situations that put the least evolved people in the greatest danger.

15. What kind of family is Citlali from?
(a) A noble Aztec family.
(b) A family of warriors.
(c) A family of beggars.
(d) A family of time travelers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Azucena waiting for in chapter eight?

2. How does Agapito win Isabel's favor?

3. What does Anacreonte claim happens to what is internal?

4. What is Azucena's job?

5. What does Azucena do with the dead body that she finds in chapter seven?

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