The Law of Love Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What are the recurring themes in chapter one?

Death and love are themes that are present from the first to last line of this chapter.

2. How do fear and terror affect the Conquistdors?

Living with fear and terror, and depending on these emotions to survive become so important for the Conquistadors that they evolved new senses that allowed them to perceive beyond what they were able to in the past.

3. What kind of force do old stones contain?

The old stones possess a force beyond what can be seen, but it can certainly be felt. It affects those near the stones. Rodrigo Diaz is an extreme example of how this happens.

4. Does Citlali love Rodrigo?

Though Rodrigo is violent toward Citlali, he believes that he demonstrates love toward her. She never returns this love, but responds to his violence with stoicism.

5. How does Anacreonte feel about his job?

He feels it is hard to be a Guardian Angel, but especially to work with Azucena because she does not want to listen to her Guardian Angel.

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