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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After making love, what brings Rodrigo and Azucena "back to earth"?
(a) They find a leg in their bed.
(b) The roof leaks and they are soaked with rain water.
(c) They are so hungry that they call for a pizza delivery.
(d) The house catches on fire, and they are forced to run out even though they are not dressed.

2. What kind of situations does Anacreonte claim we are put in?
(a) Situations that can change our inner lives for the better.
(b) Situations that put the least evolved people in the greatest danger.
(c) Situations that allow us to develop our deepest personal interests.
(d) Situations that correspond to our degree of evolution.

3. Where does Azucena apply for a job in chapter four?
(a) The National Center for Early Childhood Development.
(b) At the Mexico City Spacebus Central Station.
(c) A local drugstore.
(d) The Center for the Oversight of Previous Existences.

4. What does Azucena's Guardian Angel argue is connected?
(a) Azucena's lack of direction and her overeating.
(b) The sound of traffic and inner peace.
(c) Azcuena's interest in history and her past life.
(d) Everything in the Cosmos.

5. According to the narrator of chapter eight, how does the Supreme Intelligence communicate with us?
(a) Using a direct line, though it may encounter interference.
(b) Using an audible voice.
(c) Using Guardian Angels as go betweens.
(d) Using our emotions.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Azucena believe happened to Rodrigo?

2. What does Azucena recognize in the images from Rodrigo's memory in Chapter 10?

3. How is Azucena raised?

4. What does Mammon claim Azucena should feel about her inclusion in Isabel's destiny?

5. What does Anacreonte claim happens to what is internal?

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