The Law of Love Character Descriptions

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Anacreonte - This character is a Guardian Angel, who tries to help the protagonist to reinstate the Law of Love.

Azucena - This character is a highly evolved Super-Evo who works as an astroanalyst in twenty-third-century Mexico City, and has a mission to help bring peace to the planet through the reinstatement of the Law of Love.

Mr. Bush - This presidential candidate's assassination presaged a return to an age of violence that everyone believed had been left behind for more than a century.

Citlali - At the beginning of the book, this character is from a noble Aztec family, but becomes a slave, and is killed after murdering a baby.

Cuquita - An apartment building superintendent, this character is the victim of abuse at home, and despite feeling inferior to Super-Evos, this character is both caring and helpful.

Rodrigo - The novel begins with this...

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