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Chapters 1-3

• Albert Albinus is a father who has been married to his wife Elisabeth for nine years.

• Albert seeks support in producing an animation project related to the art of the Old Masters.

• Albert sees Margot Peters working as an usher in a cinema and finds it hard to forget her face.

• Margot worked as a nude model for art classes.

• Margot was sold into prostitution by the woman she lived with, Frau Levandovsky.

• Frau Levandovsky arranges a meeting between Margot and Axel Miller.

• Axel stays with Margot for a month.

• Margot's behavior turns reckless until she settles and becomes an usher at a cinema.

• Margot notice's Albert's interest. She pursues and, then, rejects him. Albert promises to return.

Chapters 4-6

• Margot discovers that Albert lied to her about his name. She finds out his true name by finding it written in his hat.

• Axel writes to...

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