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Short Answer Questions

1. What was Lady Audley attempting to protect when she killed George?

2. Why does Robert return to the home of the Talboys?

3. What excuse does Phoebe give for asking for this money?

4. With whom does Robert find himself comparing Clara Talboys?

5. Where does Lady Audley claim George is?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Clara discover when she catches sight of Lady Audley?

2. Who does Robert marry and settle down with?

3. What spurs Robert into action in the investigation of George's disappearance?

4. Where does Robert eventually learn George went after leaving Essex?

5. What is the doctor's original diagnosis of Lucy Graham Audley?

6. How does Lady Audley react when Robert arrives at Audley Court the following day?

7. Why does the doctor change his mind and agree that Lucy should be institutionalized?

8. How does Lady Audley react when Robert confronts her with all the evidence he has gathered?

9. Why does George's sister follow Robert outside after he delivers the news that George has been murdered?

10. What letter does Phoebe give to Lady Audley on her visit?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss insanity. Why does Lady Audley begin claiming that Robert Audley is insane? Why does Lady Audley fall back on the idea of insanity? How does Lady Audley hope this claim against Robert will cause him to back off her secrets? Why does Lady Audley claim that Robert makes her uncomfortable and that her husband should have him declared insane? Is Robert insane? In whose family does insanity really run?

Essay Topic 2

Who is Robert Audley? How does Robert know George Talboys? Where has George been just before he meets up with Robert Audley? Why has he been there? Who is George currently looking for? What does George learn about this person he is searching for? How does this make George feel? Why does Robert accompany George to visit his father-in-law and his son, Georgie? What is the result of this visit? What does Robert find unusual about Captain Maldon's behavior at this visit?

Essay Topic 3

Who is George Talboys? Why did he marry Helen Maldon? Why did his father disinherit him? How did that action impact his relationship with his wife? Why did George go to Australia? What was he hoping to get out of that trip? Did he? What had changed when George returned home? For what reason? How could this situation have been avoided? Would it have been avoided if George had acted differently?

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