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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lady Audley explain the injury Robert notices?

2. Where does Robert's own journey take him at the end of Chapter 6 of Volume 1?

3. Who does Phoebe marry in Chapter 15 of Volume 1?

4. With whom has Phoebe shared a secret of Lady Audley's?

5. What business do Phoebe and her new husband purchase?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Robert shows George around Audley Court, what item causes George to become oddly quiet and thoughtful?

2. Why do Lady Audley's maid, Phoebe, and her fiance, Luke, ask Lady Audley for money?

3. Who does Robert see at the London train station that causes him surprise?

4. What characteristics of Lucy Graham's draw Lord Audley to her?

5. What response does Robert receive when he requests a visit with his uncle, Lord Audley?

6. Where does Captain Maldon claim George has gone? What proof does he have?

7. Why does Alicia Audley think that Robert is in love with his uncle's wife?

8. Where does George go after Robert falls asleep during a fishing trip?

9. What does Robert find when he inspects George's luggage?

10. What causes Robert to guess that George never left Essex?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the following themes and their importance to the overall plot of the novel:

1) Secrets

2) Family

3) Greed.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the author's style. How is the novel structured? Is there anything unique about this structure? How might the novel have been more reader friendly? How might the style have impacted the themes in the novel? Does style affect story? In what ways? Discuss changes that might be made to the novel to make it more easily read by modern readers.

Essay Topic 3

Who is George Talboys? Why did he marry Helen Maldon? Why did his father disinherit him? How did that action impact his relationship with his wife? Why did George go to Australia? What was he hoping to get out of that trip? Did he? What had changed when George returned home? For what reason? How could this situation have been avoided? Would it have been avoided if George had acted differently?

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