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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Robert sea at the London train station?

2. From where has this friend of Robert's just returned?

3. What instrument does Lady Audley play after dinner?

4. Who does Robert run into by coincidence in Chapter 4 of Volume 1?

5. What child is Robert made guardian of in Chapter 6 of Volume 1?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does George's sister follow Robert outside after he delivers the news that George has been murdered?

2. Why do Lady Audley's maid, Phoebe, and her fiance, Luke, ask Lady Audley for money?

3. What causes Robert to guess that George never left Essex?

4. What is the age difference between Lucy Graham and Lord Audley's daughter, Alicia?

5. Why does Lady Audley visit Robert at Mount Stanning?

6. Who does George make guardian of his son, Georgie? Why?

7. Where does Lucy tell Robert he can find George?

8. Why does Robert visit a Mrs. Vincent?

9. What characteristics of Lucy Graham's draw Lord Audley to her?

10. What does Robert suggest is the cause of Lady Audley's lies and deceit?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Discuss two of the following literary techniques in detail, using information from the novel to support your conclusions:

1) Metaphor

2) Style

3) Symbolism.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the following themes and their importance to the overall plot of the novel:

1) Secrets

2) Family

3) Greed.

Essay Topic 3

Why does Lady Audley repetitively lie to Robert in order to keep him and George Talboys from visiting Audley Court? Why does Robert not realize what Lady Audley is trying to do? How does George react when he sees the portrait of Lady Audley? How does Lady Audley act after finally meeting George Talboys? Should these behaviors have clued the other characters into the situation? How do these reactions help the reader realize something is going on?

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