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Short Answer Questions

1. What court does Judge Rothbottam preside over?

2. When is Jessica and Colin's baby due?

3. Who is the hand surgeon who examines Faith's hands?

4. Where does Ian suggest Mariah and Faith stay while they are in Kansas City?

5. What awakens Mariah and Ian in the night when they are staying at the lake?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Mariah get extremely angry when Ian takes Faith fishing?

2. When did Father Rampini decide to become a priest?

3. What does Mariah dream the night after she and Ian make love?

4. What did Mariah do as a child when a classmate told her she would go to hell if she was not baptized?

5. Why does Father MacReady think Faith sees God as female?

6. Why did Ian's grandmother wear her religion like a Kevlar vest?

7. What is Father Rourke's analysis of Faith?

8. Why did Teresa Civernos decide to contact Petra Saganoff?

9. Why does Malcom Metz say that the custody of Faith is a life and death matter?

10. Who is Malcom Metz?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Mariah hires Joan Standish to handle her divorce from Colin, Joan says that Colin has done Mariah a favor this time. Explain what Joan means by this statement and argue whether Colin did or did not do Mariah a favor by filing for divorce.

Essay Topic 2

Argue whether a faith in God is a blind faith. Use examples from the novel to support your arguments.

Essay Topic 3

Several "miracles" happen in the novel. The author recounts Millie's apparent death from a heart attack, a couple who reconcile, a baby that is healed, and Ian's autistic brother. Using arguments that the characters use in the novel, argue whether or not any of these incidents could be considered miracles.

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