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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ian tell Metz when asked about Faith's alleged stigmata?
(a) Faith was running with knitting needles and they pierced her hand.
(b) It is an optical illusion.
(c) Faith got hurt by a nail on her swing set.
(d) Mariah paid the doctor to change their reports.

2. What does Petra Saganoff say when Teresa Civernos says that her son's healing is not a joke?
(a) She is the Easter Bunny.
(b) She is Santa Claus.
(c) She is the Virgin Mary.
(d) She is the Tooth Fairy.

3. What video does Mariah watch at the end of September?
(a) Angels with Dirty Faces.
(b) Mother Teresa.
(c) Gone with the Wind.
(d) Agnes of God.

4. Where does Father Joseph go after mass on October 10?
(a) The Whites' house.
(b) To a restaurant for lunch.
(c) To visit a sick parishioner.
(d) To his home.

5. What does Ian bring Faith when she's in the hospital with wounds in her hands?
(a) A teddy bear.
(b) Daisies.
(c) A story book.
(d) Roses.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do women from the MotherGod Society do with Bishop Andrews' pastoral letter?

2. What is the title for the official in the Catholic church whose sole responsibility is to find holes in cases of proposed sainthood?

3. Who does Rabbi Weissman call regarding Faith?

4. What would Joan Standish rather do than watch "Hollywood Tonight!"?

5. Why does a clerk disturb Judge Rothbottam when he is listening to Evita?

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