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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did a woman at Greenhaven believe when Mariah was there?
(a) She believed she talked to God.
(b) She could see God on her ceiling.
(c) The Virgin Mary lived in her ear.
(d) God was dead.

2. What do Ian and Faith do outside when Mariah falls asleep?
(a) Go swimming.
(b) Play tag.
(c) Go fishing.
(d) Go for a walk.

3. Why does Mariah have to go back to New Canaan?
(a) Colin is suing for custody of Faith.
(b) Her mother is sick again.
(c) Faith has had a relapse.
(d) Her mother cannot handle all the bystanders at Mariah's house.

4. How long does Father Rampini think it will take to wrap up the case he has come to decide in New Canaan?
(a) A matter of hours.
(b) Several weeks.
(c) A couple of months.
(d) A couple of days.

5. What does Father Rampini state is heresy?
(a) That God is visiting Faith in female form.
(b) People stating that Faith is a healer.
(c) Faith's claims that she is talking to God.
(d) People stating that Faith has stigmata.

Short Answer Questions

1. What expert on childhood schizophrenia does Faith see?

2. What does Faith say God smells like?

3. Who does Mariah see at the grocery store on October 28?

4. What is wrong with Rafael Civernos?

5. Who is the lawyer Colin hires?

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