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New Canaan

This is the town where Faith and Mariah live.

Gingerbread Cape

This is what everyone calls the house where Faith's grandmother lives.


This is the where Colin is when he calls Mariah after a two-day training trip.


This is where Colin has Mariah committed after her suicide attempt.

Boston Garden

This is where Mariah, Faith and Millie go to see the Ringling Brother's Circus.

Kansas City

This is where Mariah and Faith go to avoid the media attention at their home, and it is also where Ian Fletcher visits his brother weekly.


This is a residential facility where Michael Fletcher lives.

Vienna, Virginia

This is where Colin White is from.


This is where Father Paul Rampini teaches seminary classes.

North Haverhill, New Hampshire

This is where A. Warren Rothbottam oversees court proceedings at the Grafton County Courthouse.

Connecticut Valley Medical Center


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