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Prologue, Chapters One and Two

• Mariah and her daughter, Faith, visit Mariah's mother, Millie, who has purchased a "coffin table".

• They leave for Faith's ballet lesson, but realize that Faith forgot her leotard.

• They return home, find Colin is there and rush upstairs to discover Colin and another woman showering together.

• After three days, Mariah is still crying. Millie tells Mariah that nothing is wrong with her and Faith will help her get through the situation.

• After Colin leaves, Faith refuses to talk, and Mariah worries that she is not up to the challenge of trying to reach Faith.
• Mariah is served with divorce papers, and she contacts Joan Standish to represent her.

• Ian Fletcher, a television "anti-evangelist", is searching for a way to boost his ratings.

• Ian's producer, James, likes Ian's idea to search out religious claims around the country and debunk them.

• Faith is injured at...

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