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Short Answer Questions

1. What lands on the altar in the service?

2. How is it that he fathered their child?

3. What is a Rakshasi?

4. Who is meeting Will and Vijaya upon their arrival at the school?

5. How many deep breaths are required for a child having a fit?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Will notice about the women on the island?

2. How does the Rani perceive Palanese education?

3. What does the mountain climb ordeal teach the youth of Pala and what happens afterwards?

4. What is the most dangerous element to recognize in children and why is it the most dangerous?

5. What is the advice to every pair of lovers?

6. What horrible things befell Aunt Mary?

7. Why does Mrs. Rao believe that Pala is the place for stupid people?

8. What are the differences between what Will remembers about the Oedipus play and what Mary recounts?

9. How are Stalin and Hitler reduced in Chapter 9?

10. What does Will say about what Colonel Dipa will bring to the island?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is significant about Lakshmi's death? What is significant about how the people who love her react? What is the primary difference in the way death is approached on Pala and here?

Essay Topic 2

Compare the social benefits and possible downfalls of a MAC family over a dysfunctional family of our world. What are the similarities and differences? What are the pro's and con's?

Essay Topic 3

Compare Palanese medicine to ours. Which do you think is more effective? What about the rant that Ms. Radha goes into about health care outside of Pala? Can you see any truth to that argument? Think of one situation in which we treat but do not cure the disease. Quote supporting text from the book or from other sources.

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