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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Maithuna?

2. What does the tea Will is fed do, according to the nurse?

3. What is/are Murugan's top prioritie(s) as ruler of Pala?

4. Who was Andrew MacPhail's second patient after the Raja?

5. How did Molly feel when she found out about the affair?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are practices of James and Janet MacPhail on their children that would be outlawed today?

2. Explain why Mrs. Narayan is a justified optimist.

3. What intrigues Will about Murugan?

4. What are Murugan's plans for Pala?

5. What is the idea behind repetition in a religious nature?

6. Why was Will never interested in power? Quote from the text.

7. Murugan appears at Will's bed and engages in a dialogue. What does this dialogue portray Murugan to be?

8. Why is it seem to be impure to sleep with a woman to the Rani?

9. What does Will tell Susila on impulse and how does he expect her to react?

10. Why does Mrs. Rao believe that Pala is the place for stupid people?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

What is the significance of the title of the book Murugan is reading in Chapter 10? How does this title juxtapose Murugan's beliefs against those of the citizens of Pala? Can you make a similar juxtaposition in our culture? How is this relevant to the story?

Essay Topic 2

Put the section Will reads in "What's What" in chapter eleven into your own words. Explain what you think of the things mentioned therein and what significance it could possibly hold for the rest of the world.

Essay Topic 3

The people of Pala deal with pain and fear far differently than we do. How is it different? Compare and then contrast it to the way we handle these two emotions. Which do you think is more productive? Which do you think is psychologically more beneficial? Which do you think would expedite the healing process? Which is easier?

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