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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the scarecrows?
(a) Gigantic crows
(b) Clothes, stuffed with hay on poles
(c) Life sized marionettes
(d) Great big owls that flap their wings

2. What was the name of the painter Will took an interest in?
(a) Gobind Singh
(b) Gorvind Frasner
(c) Govind Singh
(d) Vincinte Sorral

3. Who turns out to be the father of the baby Shanta is nursing?
(a) Dugald
(b) Dr. Robert
(c) Vijaya
(d) Gobind Singh

4. Vijaya compares himself to what animal?
(a) A bear
(b) A gorilla
(c) A kitten
(d) A tiger

5. What fruit does Susila compare Nirvana to?
(a) A supermango
(b) A banana
(c) A supermandarine
(d) A pear

Short Answer Questions

1. What color was the dog that greeted Will at Vijaya's bungalow?

2. Who is one of Murugan's heroes?

3. What does Will describe the Moksha-medicine experience as?

4. What are the children's chores for the afternoon?

5. What are the three pillars of Western prosperity?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Murugan view the ceremony at the temple with open contempt?

2. What are the differences between what Will remembers about the Oedipus play and what Mary recounts?

3. What does Will notice about the women on the island?

4. How does AI contribute to a better destiny for the people of Pala?

5. What does Will say about what Colonel Dipa will bring to the island?

6. Why does Mrs. Rao believe that Pala is the place for stupid people?

7. What is the symbolism of the Scarecrows? Quote from the book and then simplify.

8. How are Stalin and Hitler reduced in Chapter 9?

9. What is the idea behind repetition in a religious nature?

10. What does Will notice about the differences between Lakshmi and Aunt Mary?

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