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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Will think that Joe Aldehyde gave him a job?
(a) He befriended Will
(b) He was pleased with his work
(c) He was fond of Molly
(d) He was fond of Will

2. What does Dipa want to do with Pala?
(a) Absorb it into his Greater Rendang
(b) Exploit its people
(c) Get to know the culture
(d) Blow it up

3. What does Karuna mean to the Palanese?
(a) War
(b) Karan
(c) Peace
(d) Compassion

4. What two things are supported by tax dollars?
(a) Sanitation and Healthcare
(b) Education and contraceptives
(c) Healthcare and education
(d) Healthcare and contraceptives

5. What dialect of English did the Palanese have?
(a) British
(b) Wales
(c) American
(d) Cockney

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Will's boss?

2. What folly were the Raja and Andrew contemplating for the people of Pala?

3. What languages does the answer to #26 speak?

4. Who wrote the poem that Will found in the book?

5. What is the difference between Will and Susila's pain?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the difference between a Wife of Love and a Sister of Mercy?

2. Murugan appears at Will's bed and engages in a dialogue. What does this dialogue portray Murugan to be?

3. Why was Will never interested in power? Quote from the text.

4. What do you notice about Radha and Ranga?

5. Why does Ambassador Bahu believe that Pala needs to change?

6. What are some reasons Pala was unpopular?

7. What does Will notice about Bahu's compliment to Nurse Radha?

8. Why is it seem to be impure to sleep with a woman to the Rani?

9. How does Will initially react to the death of his wife?

10. What does Will say to Mary about his mother and how does she react?

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