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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Rani and Murugan leave Pala originally?
(a) They left to better Murugan's health
(b) So she could remove the negative influences around him
(c) So she could keep tight control over him
(d) So she could indoctrinate him better

2. Why does Will want to stay on Pala?
(a) He wants to be Susila's husband
(b) He likes the tropical environment
(c) He is still interested in completing his job for Aldehyde
(d) He likes the people and is interested in self exploration

3. What was the image that nurse Appu saw in her minds eye that made her laugh
(a) Their kitten chasing yarn
(b) A pedantic teacher on too much caffeine
(c) The pyramids in white cloth
(d) A bear on a unicycle

4. What main idea shifted the population into accepting the second reform?
(a) Painless childbirth
(b) Medicine to increase lifespan
(c) Painless surgery
(d) The knowledge they would be healthier as a result

5. What does Mr. Bahu want to be paid to set up the deal for Lord Aldehyde?
(a) Ten times what Aldehyde is paying Will
(b) Half of what Aldehyde will be paying the Raja
(c) Half of what Aldehyde is paying Will
(d) Five times what Aldehyde is paying Will

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Rani believe about herself?

2. Why does Will think that Joe Aldehyde gave him a job?

3. How do the people of Pala suggest he conquer his fear?

4. Where had Dr. Robert gone?

5. How does Susila compare the grief of her husband's passing?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Dr. Robert deals with Lakshmi's death.

2. How does the Rani perceive Palanese education?

3. Explain why Mrs. Narayan is a justified optimist.

4. What are Murugan's plans for Pala?

5. How does Murugan's interest in consumer goods benefit Colonel Dipa?

6. What is the primary difference between the pain of Susila and Will?

7. What does nurse Radha say the correct way of going about treating someone is?

8. Nurse Radha was offended by Ambassador Bahu before. How?

9. What was Andrew's first genuinely religious experience?

10. What, in Shanta's words, makes Pala a nice place? Repeat in your own words.

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