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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the Rani's master?
(a) Koos Hutti
(b) Koot Hoomit
(c) Koot Hoomi
(d) Koor Huumi

2. Who wrote the poem that Will found in the book?
(a) Radha Appu
(b) Susila MacPhail
(c) Dugald MacPhail
(d) Dr. MacPhail

3. What does the Rani believe will save humanity?
(a) A filleting of those who affront the will of God
(b) Homosexual tendencies
(c) Her pseudo religion "Crusade of the Spirit"
(d) Her pseudo religion "Cult of the Soul"

4. Why did the waves of invasion pass Pala by?
(a) Pala has no harbor
(b) Pala is shrouded by deadly reefs
(c) Pala has no trade
(d) Pala has no military

5. What is Will's perception of the relationship between Murugan and Dipa?
(a) That Murugan is selling out his people
(b) That they are lovers
(c) That Dipa associates with children
(d) That Dipa and Murugan are planning an assault on a neighboring island

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the tea Will is fed do, according to the nurse?

2. Why does Will think that Joe Aldehyde gave him a job?

3. What does Part 2 state about people?

4. How does Will arrive on the island?

5. What was it that made Appu fall head over heels for Murugan?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some reasons Pala was unpopular?

2. What does Will believe was the result of the Rani's teachings to Murugan?

3. What did Will find humiliating about working as a journalist?

4. Define self determination also known as destiny control in Palanese terms.

5. What seems so foreign about the way the people of Pala deal with fear?

6. In what major way do the doctors of Pala and the doctors of the rest of the world differ?

7. What does nurse Radha say the correct way of going about treating someone is?

8. A tender picture of the doctor's relationship with his wife emerges. What does he feel she brings to the relationship?

9. What is the difference between a Wife of Love and a Sister of Mercy?

10. Define the term "mother" in Palanese terms.

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