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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What things are responsible for the mirage of happiness?
(a) Technology and gadgetry
(b) Self delusion, denial and self depreciation
(c) Food, drugs, and television
(d) Toys, pills and non-stop distractions

2. What does Dr. Robert believe will be a major political issue when Murugan comes of age?
(a) Oil refinement
(b) Scooters
(c) Industrialization
(d) Shooters

3. How is Artificial Insemination justified religiously?
(a) Reincarnation and Piety
(b) Karma and Restitution
(c) God wanted those sperm to be there
(d) Karma and reincarnation

4. What is Leela's vocation?
(a) She is a scientist
(b) She is a nurse in training
(c) She is a teacher of the yoga of love
(d) She is a social worker

5. What urgent matter did the Rani call to discuss with Will?
(a) Oil
(b) Aldehyde's marriage proposal to her
(c) Will's spiritual compass
(d) Murugan's appearance at the initiation

6. What kind of staff does Will use?
(a) Bamboo
(b) Walnut
(c) Willow
(d) Pine

7. What is the name of the parrot at Vijaya's?
(a) Perry
(b) Percy
(c) Polly
(d) Peter

8. Vijaya compares himself to what animal?
(a) A gorilla
(b) A tiger
(c) A bear
(d) A kitten

9. What do the locals call the mushrooms they consume?
(a) Mocksha-medicine
(b) Mocking-medicine
(c) Moccasin-medicine
(d) Moksha-medicine

10. Who shows up at Shanta and Vijaya's house?
(a) Susila and Dugald
(b) Tom Krishna and Mary Sarojini
(c) The Rani and Murugan
(d) Dr. Robert and Susila

11. God ____ ______ ______?
(a) has merciful wonder
(b) has forgiven me
(c) glows and flames
(d) is punishing me

12. Who picks Will up?
(a) Joe Aldehyde and Mary Farnaby
(b) Vijaya and Leela Rao
(c) Dr. Robert and Susila
(d) The Rani and Murugan

13. What is the primary focus of Palanese education?
(a) Biology
(b) The sciences of life
(c) Family studies
(d) Mathematics

14. How did Will feel the moment Molly died?
(a) Relieved that he could truly be with Babs
(b) Indifferent to her suffering and death
(c) Remorseful that his actions had caused her death
(d) Elated and grateful that he was free of their marriage

15. What poet is mentioned?
(a) Byron
(b) Shakespeare
(c) Wordsworth
(d) Coleridge

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Leela happy?

2. What color is Leela Rao wearing?

3. What scientist does Will make an allusion to?

4. Where does Will want to go in the morning?

5. What does Will say about the light?

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