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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What language is the Service given in?
(a) Punjabi
(b) Palanese
(c) Sanskrit
(d) English

2. How does Will attempt to describe his experience with the Moksha-medicine?
(a) Luminous bliss
(b) Terrifying darkness
(c) Enveloping love
(d) Radiating comfort

3. What are the scarecrows?
(a) Clothes, stuffed with hay on poles
(b) Gigantic crows
(c) Life sized marionettes
(d) Great big owls that flap their wings

4. What color was the dog that greeted Will at Vijaya's bungalow?
(a) Tan
(b) Yellow
(c) Beige
(d) Orange

5. Where was Dr. Robert serving as a naturalist?
(a) On the Nautilus
(b) On the Olympus
(c) In Turkey
(d) On the Melampus

6. Who does Will leave with?
(a) Susila
(b) The Rani
(c) Murugan
(d) Mary

7. What makes Leela happy?
(a) Will Farnaby's charm and good looks
(b) That Will likes Ranga and Radha
(c) That they are going to the High Altitude Station
(d) Will Farnaby's manners

8. How is it that he fathered their child?
(a) Deep Freeze and Artificial Insemination
(b) He preformed the Yoga of Love with Shanta
(c) Virgin Birth and Speculation
(d) Vijaya is Gobind's son

9. What kind of staff does Will use?
(a) Walnut
(b) Willow
(c) Bamboo
(d) Pine

10. What does Dr. Robert believe will be a major political issue when Murugan comes of age?
(a) Industrialization
(b) Oil refinement
(c) Scooters
(d) Shooters

11. What are the three pillars of Western prosperity?
(a) Anger, universal acceptance, and consumerism
(b) Agriculture, universal debt and planned parenthood
(c) Armaments, universal debt, and planned obsolescence
(d) Armaments, universal healthcare and forced obedience

12. What is the word they whisper in a prayer for peace?
(a) Shanti
(b) Disanti
(c) Santi
(d) Hantis

13. What did Will's teachers try to do about people's differences?
(a) Make them more than they were
(b) Iron them out
(c) Exploit them for their own gain
(d) Blow them out of proportion

14. Who is one of Murugan's heroes?
(a) Adolph Hitler
(b) Fidel Castro
(c) Saddam Hussein
(d) George Bush

15. What is the crime of the Palanese?
(a) They are too full of themselves
(b) They are too good
(c) They are too self involved
(d) They are too educated

Short Answer Questions

1. What religious word is mentioned throughout Chapter 10?

2. What does Will say about the light?

3. What color is Leela Rao wearing?

4. What does Will want to call out to the Rani?

5. What is the name of the parrot at Vijaya's?

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