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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many key figures in the administration are people working on?
(a) Four or five
(b) Four
(c) Six
(d) Five

2. What do the locals call the mushrooms they consume?
(a) Moksha-medicine
(b) Mocksha-medicine
(c) Mocking-medicine
(d) Moccasin-medicine

3. What does Dr. Robert believe will be a major political issue when Murugan comes of age?
(a) Oil refinement
(b) Industrialization
(c) Scooters
(d) Shooters

4. What is Leela's vocation?
(a) She is a social worker
(b) She is a nurse in training
(c) She is a teacher of the yoga of love
(d) She is a scientist

5. What could prevent the spread of Palanese knowledge of happiness to other countries?
(a) The takeover of Pala
(b) All of these are correct
(c) The other countries will to create a world of false happiness
(d) The adoption of a primarily symbolic religion

6. How is it that he fathered their child?
(a) He preformed the Yoga of Love with Shanta
(b) Vijaya is Gobind's son
(c) Virgin Birth and Speculation
(d) Deep Freeze and Artificial Insemination

7. What is the name of the parrot at Vijaya's?
(a) Perry
(b) Percy
(c) Polly
(d) Peter

8. What urgent matter did the Rani call to discuss with Will?
(a) Murugan's appearance at the initiation
(b) Aldehyde's marriage proposal to her
(c) Oil
(d) Will's spiritual compass

9. What was Murugan doing while everyone else was having a vision?
(a) Reading his book
(b) Muttering "this is all so false"
(c) Picking his nose
(d) Screaming like a banshee

10. Who does Will leave with?
(a) Murugan
(b) The Rani
(c) Mary
(d) Susila

11. What is Buddha sitting on?
(a) His behind in Lotus position
(b) A stone stage with flowers
(c) A coiled cobra
(d) A cylindrical pedestal

12. What is capable in a very deep trance?
(a) Time distortion
(b) Accurate Clairvoyance
(c) Clear meditation
(d) Levitation

13. What does Will say about the light?
(a) He is being it
(b) It surrounds him
(c) He is approaching it
(d) It is far off in the distance

14. How did Will view Aunt Mary's love?
(a) Like a perpetually blooming flower
(b) As a kind of physical radiation
(c) It was chokingly powerful
(d) Quiet and serene, like a slow moving river

15. What two physical traits does Shanta say her baby will possess?
(a) He will be athletic and toned
(b) He will be intelligent and chubby
(c) He will be endomorphic and viscerotonic
(d) He will be tall and lean

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of staff does Will use?

2. What is Murugan looking at that he shouldn't have been?

3. What does Dr. Robert say about western intellectuals?

4. What is the last word the Mynahs spoke?

5. What makes Leela happy?

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