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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Murugan view the ceremony?
(a) With respect
(b) With contempt
(c) With wonder
(d) With rebelliousness

2. What does Will say about the light?
(a) It surrounds him
(b) He is approaching it
(c) He is being it
(d) It is far off in the distance

3. How does WIll react to the Rani's letter?
(a) With joy
(b) With the calm air of servitude
(c) With inner violent anger
(d) With indifference

4. What could prevent the spread of Palanese knowledge of happiness to other countries?
(a) The other countries will to create a world of false happiness
(b) All of these are correct
(c) The adoption of a primarily symbolic religion
(d) The takeover of Pala

5. What does Will want to call out to the Rani?
(a) Prove it!
(b) Q.E.D.
(c) Quid Pro Quo!
(d) ETC

6. Who was the only person Will had ever loved?
(a) Molly
(b) Susila
(c) His Aunt Mary
(d) Babs

7. What kind of marmalade does Will use?
(a) Pumelo
(b) Mango
(c) Orange
(d) Berry

8. What was Murugan doing while everyone else was having a vision?
(a) Reading his book
(b) Screaming like a banshee
(c) Muttering "this is all so false"
(d) Picking his nose

9. What did Susila do that helped her feel better?
(a) Screamed
(b) Hit the dashboard
(c) The Hornpipe
(d) Punched Will in the ribs

10. What is the benefit of being able to enter deep trances?
(a) Advanced relaxation
(b) Being able to see bad thing before they happen
(c) Short cuts to memorization
(d) Ability to travel distances without moving

11. What does Will describe the Moksha-medicine experience as?
(a) Encroaching darkness
(b) Deepening sorrow
(c) Maddening anger
(d) Luminous bliss

12. What musician does Susila put on?
(a) Gabrieli
(b) Beethoven
(c) Bach
(d) Nickleback

13. What makes Murugan glow with enthusiasm?
(a) A German engineered tank
(b) An Italian Style coupe speedster
(c) An Italian style motor scooter
(d) A Russian prototype grenade launcher

14. What did Will's teachers try to do about people's differences?
(a) Make them more than they were
(b) Exploit them for their own gain
(c) Blow them out of proportion
(d) Iron them out

15. What language is the Service given in?
(a) Palanese
(b) English
(c) Punjabi
(d) Sanskrit

Short Answer Questions

1. How many years before the rest of the world did Palanese figure out AI?

2. What poet is mentioned?

3. Who calls Will while he is reading?

4. Who does Will remember that hurts him so much from his childhood?

5. Who shows up at Shanta and Vijaya's house?

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