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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does Dr. Robert say that Will can stay on Pala?
(a) Two weeks
(b) Four months
(c) Six months
(d) One month

2. What is the major trouble for Pala?
(a) The rising tides
(b) Colonel Dipa
(c) Murugans' inauguration
(d) The Rani's spirituality

3. Who is Will's boss?
(a) Joe Aldehyde
(b) Jaxson Anderson
(c) John Aldehyde
(d) John Alderhoff

4. Will meets the young man destined to be leader of Pala in the company of what man?
(a) Colonel Dipa
(b) Mr. Stoffers
(c) Mr. Wellington
(d) Colonel Dirksa

5. What does Susila do for Will?
(a) Commiserates on the death of their spouses
(b) Talks about her trip to France
(c) Talks him into a trance-like sleep
(d) Brings him tea and scones

6. What was the paper in which Andrew MacPhail read about animal magnetism?
(a) "The Stethoscope"
(b) "The Scalpel"
(c) "The Speculum"
(d) "The Lancet"

7. Who was Andrew MacPhail's second patient after the Raja?
(a) An advisory council member
(b) Their son
(c) The Rani
(d) Their daughter

8. How does the Rani view women?
(a) All women are deceitful temptresses
(b) Beings to be used for pleasure
(c) Essentially holy
(d) All women are to be servants of the men

9. What is/are Murugan's top prioritie(s) as ruler of Pala?
(a) To establish a dictatorship and become rich
(b) To turn Pala into a tourist trap
(c) Militarization and industrialization
(d) To find a way to persuade people to his will

10. Does Murugan follow these practices?
(a) I don't know
(b) Only in appearances
(c) Yes
(d) No

11. Who wrote the poem that Will found in the book?
(a) Dugald MacPhail
(b) Dr. MacPhail
(c) Radha Appu
(d) Susila MacPhail

12. What does Will compare his late father to?
(a) A gentian
(b) A water buffalo
(c) A spring sunrise
(d) An enormous turd

13. What does the little book state about faith?
(a) Faith is to be interpreted and wholeheartedly followed by the Rani
(b) It states that Faith is the oppression of the masses, and that faith in oneself is the key to salvation
(c) It states that faith resides in the justified capacity to know who exactly we are
(d) Faith is only to be understood by the servants of God

14. What does Appu's lover think of her mental state?
(a) She's a closet psychotic
(b) She is slightly crazy
(c) She is abnormally sane
(d) She is completely neurotic

15. What does Mr. Bahu keep trying to convince Will about?
(a) How evil the island truly is
(b) The importance of investing young
(c) The legitimacy of his heritage
(d) The futility of Pala's continued way of life

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first culture difference Will perceives on this island?

2. What is the difference between Will and Susila's pain?

3. Why does Radha dislike the Ambassador?

4. What was it that made Appu fall head over heels for Murugan?

5. What does Mr. Bahu say the plague of the twentieth century is?

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