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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What folly were the Raja and Andrew contemplating for the people of Pala?
(a) The folly of Nietsche
(b) The folly of Kant
(c) The folly of Blake
(d) The folly of Demosthenes

2. What does Appu's lover think of her mental state?
(a) She is slightly crazy
(b) She is abnormally sane
(c) She is completely neurotic
(d) She's a closet psychotic

3. Who finds Will?
(a) Mary and Tom
(b) Marcie and Theodore
(c) Maurice and Theresa
(d) Mary and Terrance

4. What is Dhyana?
(a) Vexation
(b) Mediation
(c) Contemplation
(d) Relaxation

5. How does Susila believe she would have fared had she not been Palanese?
(a) She would have been a problem child
(b) She would have had different parents
(c) She would have been 'unhappily ever after'
(d) She would have done better

6. Why didn't Rachel satisfy Will?
(a) She insisted he divorce Molly
(b) She was too openly loving to will in the presence of Molly
(c) She would refuse him sexually
(d) She was always consumed with her artistry

7. What was the paper in which Andrew MacPhail read about animal magnetism?
(a) "The Lancet"
(b) "The Stethoscope"
(c) "The Scalpel"
(d) "The Speculum"

8. Where did Will meet Babs?
(a) On another island getaway he took from his wife
(b) At a bar when he was alone and drowning his sorrows
(c) At a strip club when he was there with Rachel
(d) On a plane while he was on his way to Africa

9. What does Part 1 of the book state about religion?
(a) That to be eloquent about religion is to sully it
(b) That all people are inherently evil and must be watched over by a tyrant god
(c) All religions are equal and the same
(d) That the principals of every religion ought to be followed

10. What is SD?
(a) Sexual Discrimination
(b) Sensual Dance
(c) Soothing Dialogue
(d) Self-Determination

11. What does Dipa want to do with Pala?
(a) Get to know the culture
(b) Blow it up
(c) Exploit its people
(d) Absorb it into his Greater Rendang

12. What does Susila compare children to?
(a) Mynah birds
(b) Manichean dualists
(c) Puppies
(d) Young squirrels

13. What to the Palanese is a sex addict?
(a) A person addict, or lovers
(b) A criminal
(c) A normal human being
(d) A person of fair psychosis

14. What is the major trouble for Pala?
(a) The rising tides
(b) Murugans' inauguration
(c) Colonel Dipa
(d) The Rani's spirituality

15. What is the difference between Will and Susila's pain?
(a) Will wallows in denial, Susila does not
(b) Will has accepted Molly's death, but Susila hasn't accepted her husbands' death
(c) Susila still talks to her spouse, Will has come to terms with her death
(d) Susila is healing, Will is wallowing in grief

Short Answer Questions

1. What dialect of English did the Palanese have?

2. What was the image that nurse Appu saw in her minds eye that made her laugh

3. What does the little book state about faith?

4. Does Murugan follow these practices?

5. What brought this view of humanity on?

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