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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Appu's lover think of her mental state?
(a) She is completely neurotic
(b) She is slightly crazy
(c) She's a closet psychotic
(d) She is abnormally sane

2. What does the Rani believe about herself?
(a) She believes she is a natural psychic and can hear God
(b) She believes that Murugan is an ill tempered little boy
(c) She believes the voices in her head are Gods words
(d) She believes she is destined to rule the world

3. Who does Will have an affair with?
(a) Molly
(b) June
(c) Babs
(d) Jill

4. Who else of royal descent pays Will Farnaby a visit?
(a) The Rani of Pala, and Murugan's mother
(b) Queen Elizabeth
(c) Prince William
(d) The Resi of Pala, and Murugan's mother

5. What is Maithuna?
(a) A rite of passage into adulthood
(b) Their seat of government
(c) A marriage rite
(d) The yoga of love

6. Why does the Rani want to sell the oil to Southeast Petroleum?
(a) They have offered to industrialize Pala free of charge
(b) She knows the owner, Joe Aldehyde
(c) They will give all the money to charity
(d) They are offering the best price

7. What was the paper in which Andrew MacPhail read about animal magnetism?
(a) "The Scalpel"
(b) "The Stethoscope"
(c) "The Speculum"
(d) "The Lancet"

8. What do the Palanese teach the young ones to engage in that Murugan resisted?
(a) Satanism
(b) Sex
(c) War games
(d) Sodomy

9. What was the first thing Will did when he awoke from his nap?
(a) Called for Molly
(b) Started up a conversation with the people who were there
(c) Resumed reading
(d) Went to the bathroom

10. What brought this view of humanity on?
(a) He witnessed a murder
(b) His nightmares
(c) Himself as the product of his parents
(d) A Discovery channel show

11. What is the major trouble for Pala?
(a) The Rani's spirituality
(b) Colonel Dipa
(c) The rising tides
(d) Murugans' inauguration

12. Why does Radha dislike the Ambassador?
(a) He touched her when she did not want to be touched
(b) He told her she was horrible at her job
(c) He told her she was insane for believing in the teachings of Palanese people
(d) He offered her money to sleep with him, she declined, he offered more money

13. What main idea shifted the population into accepting the second reform?
(a) The knowledge they would be healthier as a result
(b) Medicine to increase lifespan
(c) Painless childbirth
(d) Painless surgery

14. What was the image that nurse Appu saw in her minds eye that made her laugh
(a) Their kitten chasing yarn
(b) A bear on a unicycle
(c) A pedantic teacher on too much caffeine
(d) The pyramids in white cloth

15. How many months did it take Babs to tire of Will?
(a) Eight
(b) Four
(c) Six
(d) Three

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the waves of invasion pass Pala by?

2. How often does mail leave the island?

3. What does Part 1 of the book state about religion?

4. How does Will view his sexual relationship to Babs?

5. What does she compare her mother to?

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