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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Will's perception of the relationship between Murugan and Dipa?
(a) That they are lovers
(b) That Dipa and Murugan are planning an assault on a neighboring island
(c) That Dipa associates with children
(d) That Murugan is selling out his people

2. What does Susila do for Will?
(a) Talks about her trip to France
(b) Talks him into a trance-like sleep
(c) Commiserates on the death of their spouses
(d) Brings him tea and scones

3. Why does the Rani want to sell the oil to Southeast Petroleum?
(a) She knows the owner, Joe Aldehyde
(b) They are offering the best price
(c) They will give all the money to charity
(d) They have offered to industrialize Pala free of charge

4. What is the first thing Will does when he wakes up on Pala?
(a) Recounts his late wife's death
(b) He sits up and examines himself for injuries
(c) He immediately begins work on a spear
(d) Surveys his surroundings and makes a mental note of what he has

5. Who else of royal descent pays Will Farnaby a visit?
(a) The Rani of Pala, and Murugan's mother
(b) Queen Elizabeth
(c) The Resi of Pala, and Murugan's mother
(d) Prince William

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the people of Pala suggest he conquer his fear?

2. Who is Will's boss?

3. What is the first word(s) Will hears when he wakes up?

4. What does Part 1 of the book state about religion?

5. Does Murugan follow these practices?

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