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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are the seeds from?
(a) Guatemala
(b) Mexico
(c) India
(d) Hawaii

2. What is the difference between Will and Susila's pain?
(a) Susila still talks to her spouse, Will has come to terms with her death
(b) Will has accepted Molly's death, but Susila hasn't accepted her husbands' death
(c) Will wallows in denial, Susila does not
(d) Susila is healing, Will is wallowing in grief

3. What was the image that nurse Appu saw in her minds eye that made her laugh
(a) A bear on a unicycle
(b) A pedantic teacher on too much caffeine
(c) Their kitten chasing yarn
(d) The pyramids in white cloth

4. What is SD?
(a) Sensual Dance
(b) Soothing Dialogue
(c) Self-Determination
(d) Sexual Discrimination

5. What was the name of the painter Will took an interest in?
(a) Gobind Singh
(b) Govind Singh
(c) Gorvind Frasner
(d) Vincinte Sorral

Short Answer Questions

1. What religion did the MacPhails start out as?

2. What are the scarecrows?

3. Gobind Singh struck up a friendship with who Paris that influenced his work?

4. Who wrote the poem that Will found in the book?

5. What is capable in a very deep trance?

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