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Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4

• Will is awakened by a voice yelling "Attention" and thinks its his wife.

• Will recounts going to visit her in the hospital after the crash that he tells himself was an accident.

• Accident occurred after Will told his wife he was leaving her for another woman.

• Will's wife dies. Will has sex again with Babs following Molly's funeral. Babs eventually kicks him out, though, in favor of another.

• Will figures out the voice is a Mynah bird, remembers the shipwreck that stranded him.

• He remembers seeing snakes that terrify him and then that he fell
• Will is approached by Mary Sarojini and Tom Krishna. She gives him a banana and tells them that everyone speaks English as well as Palanese.

• Will cannot recount his story without fear and Mary tells him to repeat it until he doesn't fear it.

• Dr. MacPhail arrives with assistant to take...

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