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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Frank encounter on the drive leading to the O'Dells' home?
(a) A jogger
(b) A security guard
(c) Paul
(d) A hitchhiker

2. What does Paul ask Frank if he remembers from Paul's childhood?
(a) His stuttering
(b) His goofy haircut
(c) His teddy bear
(d) His invisible friends

3. What does Frank learn when he calls Ted Houlihan?
(a) He just wants to rent his house
(b) The farmhouse has been sold
(c) He's taking his house off the market
(d) He's listing the house with another realtor

4. What do Frank and Paul find when they take a walk?
(a) Hank Aaron Field
(b) Cal Ripken Field
(c) Pete Rose Field
(d) Doubleday Field

5. What does Ann reply when Frank calls to tell her about Paul?
(a) She tells Frank not to approve surgery until she gets there
(b) She tells Frank he is an idiot for letting Paul get hurt
(c) She tells Frank to move Paul to a bigger hospital
(d) She tells Frank to use his best judgment

Short Answer Questions

1. What transportation arrangements have Ann made to transport Paul?

2. Who has Ann brought with her to the hospital?

3. How does Frank characterize Irv and himself?

4. What is the name of Frank's daughter?

5. Who does Frank call in lieu of making business phone calls?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ann tell Frank about what Paul had done to Charley yesterday?

2. Explain Frank's frustrations with the Markhams.

3. How does the author indicate that Paul is disappointed often by Frank?

4. What is Frank's conflicted position regarding getting back together with Ann?

5. Describe "The Shoot-Out."

6. Who is Char?

7. Describe the breakfast experience between Frank and Paul.

8. How does Ann respond when Frank tells her Paul wants to come live with him?

9. What is the scenario between Frank and Paul as Paul is being wheeled out to the helicopter?

10. How do Frank and Ann bond momentarily over Paul's injury?

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