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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Irv tell Frank that Frank represents in his life?
(a) Aggravation
(b) Synchronicity
(c) Relativity
(d) Continuity

2. What does Ann promise Frank as Paul is loaded onto the helicopter?
(a) She will raise the kids Catholic
(b) She will call him when he is out of surgery
(c) She will divorce Charley
(d) She wants to remarry him

3. Who does Frank call in lieu of making business phone calls?
(a) Cathy
(b) Constance
(c) Ann
(d) Sally

4. Frank muses about ____________ and wonders if it would have given Ann and him a different path.
(a) A Volvo
(b) Counseling
(c) Religion
(d) A different career

5. Who has Ann brought with her to the hospital?
(a) Charley
(b) Her mother
(c) Clarissa
(d) Dr. Burris

6. Who does Frank encounter on the drive leading to the O'Dells' home?
(a) A hitchhiker
(b) A security guard
(c) Paul
(d) A jogger

7. What is the only thing that Frank and Charley have in common?
(a) Real estate
(b) Being divorced
(c) Fishing
(d) Ann

8. Where do Frank and Paul go for breakfast?
(a) The Home Plate
(b) Perkins
(c) A waterfront restaurant
(d) McDonald's

9. What does Frank think of Dr. Burris momentarily?
(a) He is too young
(b) He is out of place
(c) He is not capable
(d) He is Ann's boyfriend

10. What subject does Frank try to interest Paul in as they drive?
(a) Girls
(b) Independence
(c) Colleges
(d) Camping

11. Where is Paul hit by a speeding ball?
(a) The neck
(b) The forehead
(c) The shoulder
(d) The eye

12. What is the doctor's recommendation for Paul?
(a) Keep his head elevated
(b) Ice packs to reduce the swelling
(c) A few stitches
(d) Surgery to repair his retina

13. What happens when Frank calls Sally's phone number?
(a) They have a fight
(b) He proposes to her
(c) The phone just rings and rings
(d) The answering machine picks up

14. What kind of car had Paul crashed the night before?
(a) Audi
(b) Mercedes
(c) Jaguar
(d) BMW

15. Where does Ann want Paul to have surgery?
(a) Haddam Hospital
(b) Yale
(c) Mount Sinai Hospital
(d) Princeton

Short Answer Questions

1. What book of Frank's does Paul begin reading in the car?

2. What does Frank tell Paul is in the car?

3. What is Frank's chief goal upon arriving in Deep River?

4. What do Ann and Irv talk about on the helicopter pad?

5. What does Ann reply when Frank calls to tell her about Paul?

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