I'm a Stranger Here Myself: Notes on Returning to America After Twenty Years Away Test | Final Test - Easy

Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Bryson have to buy a whole new computer and fax system when he returns to the United States?
(a) All his electronics got lost on the way.
(b) He'd never owned a computer but now needed one for work.
(c) The British have a different electrical system.
(d) His kids were tired of using the family's 1980s model.

2. According to Bryson, what does the Travel Industry Association of America say about shopping?
(a) It is the number one holiday activity of Americans.
(b) Americans should shop more, not less.
(c) The Grand Canyon needs a mall.
(d) Without it, the American economy would crash.

3. What is Bryson astonished to find on his plane on a flight from Boston to Denver?
(a) An inflated dinghy.
(b) A chimpanzee.
(c) An entire hockey team.
(d) Am armed guard.

4. Who does Bryson say designed the snowmobile?
(a) His friend Danny Blanchflower.
(b) Thomas Edison.
(c) Satan.
(d) Joseph Armand Bombardier.

5. What does Bryson say about computer energy consumption at the beginning of "The Waste Generation"?
(a) That computer users need to be educated.
(b) That computer use should be restricted to a few hours a day.
(c) That a lot of energy is consumed by computers left on at night.
(d) That computer manufacturers could fix the high consumption very easily.

6. What does Bryson say about the long trip and back to take his son to college?
(a) Travelling on American highways is dull.
(b) It was sad.
(c) Travelling by car is one of his favorite things.
(d) It was quick.

7. What do the British celebrate on December 26th?
(a) Boxing Day.
(b) Epiphany.
(c) Little Christmas.
(d) St. Paul's Day.

8. What does Bryson do in the section called "Life's Mysteries"?
(a) Talks about unsolved murder cases in New Hampshire.
(b) Wonders why the English act the way they do.
(c) Asks questions about things he doesn't understand.
(d) Answers questions about things most people don't understand.

9. What does Bryson find the most "mind-numbing" feature of modern television?
(a) The same shows are shown over and over.
(b) There are too many so-called experts on too many talk shows.
(c) There are so many good programs and not enough time to watch them.
(d) The commercial breaks.

10. In "Death Watch," what does Bryson dislike because they are "cold and bouncy and make odd noises."?
(a) Small planes.
(b) Japanese cars.
(c) Frozen pizza rolls.
(d) Snowmobiles.

11. In "Enough Already," which item comes in 18 varieties in American supermarkets?
(a) Milk.
(b) Incontinence diapers.
(c) Gum removal spray.
(d) Veggie burgers.

12. What does Bryson mean by the "wasteland"?
(a) Commercials.
(b) The huge variety of television programs available.
(c) Canadian comedy shows.
(d) News programming.

13. Why is Bryson not impressed with the spell checker on his computer?
(a) It doesn't recognize surnames.
(b) It doesn't recognize nonstandard spelling.
(c) It only displays in red.
(d) It often just does not work at all.

14. When Bryson had his first book published, what did his publisher send him to?
(a) A course in media training.
(b) A speech coach to get rid of his accent.
(c) The largest book store in New York for a book signing.
(d) A resort to recover from his first book tour.

15. What is Bryson's opinion about most American lawyers, according to "So Sue Me"?
(a) They know very little about the legal system.
(b) They overcharge for everything.
(c) They know the legal system very well.
(d) They are honest.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the "Millennium Bug" about, in regards to computers?

2. In "On Losing a Son," why does Bryson decide to play baseball with his youngest child?

3. In "The Waste Generation," what does Bryson think is getting worse in the United States, compared to his youth?

4. According to Bryson, what is the result of the "abundance of choice" in America?

5. In "The Flying Nightmare," what job does Bryson say his father had?

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