I'm a Stranger Here Myself: Notes on Returning to America After Twenty Years Away Test | Mid-Book Test - Easy

Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Bill prefer the post offices in the U.S. to the ones in Britain?
(a) The U.S. postal charges are very low.
(b) The U.S. post offices only deal with mail.
(c) The buildings are clean and new.
(d) Each town has one.

2. Bryson says that 94% of Americans' trips from home involve the use of something in particular. What is that item?
(a) A cell phone.
(b) A credit card.
(c) A snack.
(d) A car.

3. How does Bill feel when he goes to a barbershop?
(a) Helpless and insecure.
(b) Happy tot talk to someone with sense.
(c) He can get caught up on his reading.
(d) Like he is going to empty his wallet.

4. What British sport does Bill find dull but restful?
(a) Polo.
(b) Rounders.
(c) Soccer.
(d) Cricket.

5. What does Bill find to be a difficult adjustment for him when he returns to the U.S.?
(a) He has forgotten American English.
(b) He finds it very noisy.
(c) He left as a young man and came back middle-aged.
(d) He cannot find what he wants in the stores.

6. According to Bryson, why did a store in Michigan win a case brought against them by a customer?
(a) It had a really good lawyer.
(b) The customer had a history of suing every business in town.
(c) The store had a right to protect itself from shoplifting
(d) The store had a right to hire armed guards

7. In "Junk-Food Heaven," according to Bill, what kind of food shopper is his wife?
(a) She buys a lot of junk food.
(b) She hates shopping; he does it all.
(c) She loves to cut out and use coupons.
(d) She buys healthy and nutritious food.

8. What trait does Bill admit that he has in regards to simple everyday activities?
(a) He is perfect at everything he does.
(b) He is absentminded.
(c) He never forgets anything.
(d) He is clumsy.

9. What is one complaint Bryson has about the small towns around him?
(a) There are no libraries.
(b) That everyone uses their car to get around.
(c) That people are rude.
(d) That he can't find a decent dentist.

10. What does Bill say about American sports teams that would never happen in Britain?
(a) A team can move its franchise to a new city.
(b) The teams have cheerleaders.
(c) The players play for small salaries.
(d) The players are all polite.

11. In "Why Everyone is Worried," which federal agency is not doing a very good job, according to Bryson?
(a) Homeland Security.
(b) Administration on Aging.
(c) The CIA.
(d) The FBI.

12. What American kitchen convenience does Bill think is just wonderful?
(a) The dishwasher.
(b) The microwave.
(c) The garbage disposal.
(d) The blender.

13. According to Bill, what product do Americans regard much differently than the British?
(a) Over-the-counter drugs.
(b) Clothing.
(c) Pet food.
(d) Cars.

14. What particular product in American supermarkets fascinates Bill?
(a) Pet food.
(b) Laundry soap.
(c) Meat.
(d) Cereal.

15. What product first reveals the popularity of toll-free hotline phone numbers to Bill?
(a) Toothpaste.
(b) Milk.
(c) Dental floss.
(d) Soda.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Bryson in "Why No One Walks," how far does the average American walk in a day?

2. What do U.S. post offices do once a year that Bill likes a lot?

3. Where do Bill and his wife go to celebrate their anniversary?

4. In "Lost at the Movies," which Jurassic Park movie did Bryson take his children to see?

5. Bryson finds summer blockbuster movies annoying, but what does he have a real problem with?

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