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Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bill say is ridiculous about a VCR?
(a) It can record twelve months in advance.
(b) It costs so much.
(c) It is being replaced by a DVD player.
(d) It has no remote.

2. Although the GDP is seen as a positive in economic terms, how does Bill say it can be negative?
(a) It does not help the poor.
(b) It is just too confusing.
(c) Some of it has to go to other countries.
(d) Production can cause pollution.

3. What event in America is starting up as Bill begins writing his columns for his British audience?
(a) The World Series.
(b) The Summer Olympics.
(c) A Presidential Election Campaign.
(d) The Stanley Cup Play-Offs.

4. How does Bryson begin "Tales of the North Woods?"
(a) He talks about a college student who left a party and died in the woods.
(b) He talks about using a snowmobile.
(c) He talks about the town that disappeared, and no one has found it.
(d) He talks about shoveling snow.

5. Why did Bill decide to write "Friendly People?"
(a) Because his editor wanted him to.
(b) Because he had to make good on a bet.
(c) Because he thought it would be funny.
(d) Because his wife told him all he did was complain in his columns.

6. What does Bryson call the expression his wife wears when she is ready for serious gardening?
(a) Her Nike expression.
(b) Her Pepsi expression.
(c) Her Gatorade expression.
(d) Her Adidas expression.

7. According to Bryson in "Why No One Walks," how far does the average American walk in a day?
(a) About half a mile.
(b) About a mile.
(c) About two miles.
(d) About 350 yards.

8. According to Bryson, why are national parks and wilderness areas in the United States overcrowded?
(a) Because they are inexpensive to visit.
(b) Because too many people take their children.
(c) Because everyone brings their cars.
(d) Because people are tired of the cities.

9. What New Hampshire town did the Bryson family settle in during 1995?
(a) Concord.
(b) Colebrook.
(c) Hanover.
(d) Manchester.

10. What does Bill say about the way people of the world eat?
(a) Most people eat too much.
(b) There are thousands of foods but only a few are eaten a lot.
(c) Most people don't eat enough.
(d) We eat a huge variety of things.

11. Where do Bill and his wife go to celebrate their anniversary?
(a) To a spa in Connecticut.
(b) To an expensive inn in Massachusetts.
(c) To a ski resort in Quebec.
(d) To a fancy restaurant in Vermont.

12. What American kitchen convenience does Bill think is just wonderful?
(a) The dishwasher.
(b) The garbage disposal.
(c) The blender.
(d) The microwave.

13. What did the town of Laconia, New Hampshire, have to do about its new sidewalks and benches in its town center?
(a) Remove them because no one was using them.
(b) Refit them for use in a movie.
(c) Sanitize them.
(d) Refit them for handicapped residents.

14. What does Bill say is a new shopping experience for him on his return to America?
(a) Money-back guarantees.
(b) Personal service.
(c) Outlet malls.
(d) Shopping insurance.

15. In "The Risk Factor," what does Bryson say an American is twice as likely to do as a British person?
(a) Die of cancer.
(b) Die accidentally.
(c) Die is hospital.
(d) Die in childbirth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bill say about his hair?

2. Bryson says that 94% of Americans' trips from home involve the use of something in particular. What is that item?

3. What do U.S. post offices do once a year that Bill likes a lot?

4. What does Bill find to be a difficult adjustment for him when he returns to the U.S.?

5. When Bill phones the computer hotline to ask for help, what information do they ask him for first?

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