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Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bill say about the way people of the world eat?
(a) Most people eat too much.
(b) Most people don't eat enough.
(c) There are thousands of foods but only a few are eaten a lot.
(d) We eat a huge variety of things.

2. What does Bryson say about American gardens?
(a) They are mostly lawn.
(b) They are mostly weeds.
(c) They are mostly bushes.
(d) They are mostly roses.

3. In "How to Have Fun at Home," why does Bill think having your groceries bagged for you is not so great?
(a) He has to make conversation with the bagger.
(b) It makes him feel lazy.
(c) He has to tip the bagger.
(d) It doesn't buy him any quality time.

4. Bryson likes his privacy. Where does he especially find there is a lack of privacy in America?
(a) In public washrooms.
(b) On airplanes.
(c) In telephone booths.
(d) In clothing store changing rooms.

5. Bryson finds summer blockbuster movies annoying, but what does he have a real problem with?
(a) The cost of admission.
(b) The cost of popcorn.
(c) The large cinema complexes.
(d) The behavior of children at the movie.

6. What event in America is starting up as Bill begins writing his columns for his British audience?
(a) The World Series.
(b) The Stanley Cup Play-Offs.
(c) A Presidential Election Campaign.
(d) The Summer Olympics.

7. In "Lost at the Movies," which Jurassic Park movie did Bryson take his children to see?
(a) Lost Innocence.
(b) Lost World.
(c) Lost Dinosaurs.
(d) Lost Appetites.

8. According to Bill, what product do Americans regard much differently than the British?
(a) Cars.
(b) Pet food.
(c) Over-the-counter drugs.
(d) Clothing.

9. What mistake did Bill make that made him realize that he, along with many others, needs product guidance?
(a) He bought some tobacco and then put it in the mailbox.
(b) He put his shoes on the wrong feet.
(c) He left his bank card in the ATM.
(d) He injured himself with his letter opener.

10. Why does Bill prefer the post offices in the U.S. to the ones in Britain?
(a) The U.S. post offices only deal with mail.
(b) The buildings are clean and new.
(c) The U.S. postal charges are very low.
(d) Each town has one.

11. What does Bryson find amazing about the geography of the United States?
(a) That there is very little variety.
(b) That the United States has no Arctic region.
(c) That so much of the country is empty of people.
(d) That it is smaller than Canada.

12. In "Junk-Food Heaven," according to Bill, what kind of food shopper is his wife?
(a) She buys a lot of junk food.
(b) She hates shopping; he does it all.
(c) She loves to cut out and use coupons.
(d) She buys healthy and nutritious food.

13. In "The Risk Factor," what does Bryson say an American is twice as likely to do as a British person?
(a) Die of cancer.
(b) Die is hospital.
(c) Die in childbirth.
(d) Die accidentally.

14. What do U.S. post offices do once a year that Bill likes a lot?
(a) Give out door prizes.
(b) Have a charity softball game.
(c) Give customers free donuts, pastries, and coffee.
(d) Give customers free stamps.

15. What does Bryson think is sad about how things are changing in modern Vermont?
(a) More people now are born outside the state.
(b) There are too many Canadians there.
(c) Pollution is increasing.
(d) The weather is warming up.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Consuming Pleasures," what does Bill say about shopping in America?

2. Bill says the GDP is very hard to measure in modern times. What does GDP stand for?

3. Why does Bill feel going to a restaurant is a discouraging experience?

4. What does Bill say about American sports teams that would never happen in Britain?

5. What does Bill say about his hair?

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