I'll Give You the Sun Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Jandy Nelson
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Essay Topic 1

How is grief shown as affecting Noah? How is it shown as affecting Jude? How is it shown as affecting their father? Write an exploratory essay showing how grief manifests in each of these characters. Include how their grief overlaps or how the grief of one character affects or is interpreted by another character. What sets the grief free for each of the characters? Write a summative claim about what the novel is showing about the experience of grief.

Essay Topic 2

Think back to the lesson on Noah and Jude being character foils. Write an essay comparing them as character foils. Answer the following questions: Why do they switch places from one to the other? How does the novel change the idea of what a character foil can be? Why does it do this? Write three pages with at least four examples from the novel.

Essay Topic 3

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