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Ally Carter
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what does Cammie ask Macey's help?
(a) Passing her Culture class.
(b) Learning how to eat at a formal dinner.
(c) Learning how to use make up.
(d) Understanding boys.

2. What has Mr. Solomon called the latest session of the Covert Ops class?
(a) Shadow walking.
(b) Garbology.
(c) Traveling light.
(d) Trail marking.

3. With what do Macey, Bex and Liz fill Cammie's purse for her "accidental" encounter with Josh?
(a) Spy gadgetry.
(b) Acceptable items.
(c) She decides not to carry a purse.
(d) A fake cell phone, ipod, and some fake credit cards.

4. What shocks Liz, Cammie, and Anna about Buckingham?
(a) He was killed the night before by an enemy agent.
(b) He is going back to field work.
(c) He will not be teaching the Covert Operations class this year.
(d) He has been a double agent for many years.

5. What does Macey ask for in exchange for her help to Cammie?
(a) Help smuggling in her cell phone.
(b) Help getting out of the building the next night.
(c) Help getting out of the newbie class.
(d) Help in communications class.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of students does the school actually enroll?

2. Why is Professor Smith impressed?

3. What makes Bex think Josh might be trying to find Cammie?

4. Why isn't Bex's skills as a lock picker needed at Josh's home?

5. What does Headmistress Morgan tell Macey at Sunday night dinner?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Cammie's encounter with Josh.

2. Why do the girls think Josh may be trying to find Cammie when the girls search through his trash?

3. What does Cammie's mother ask Bex and Cammie to do and what are they to ensure happens?

4. How do Macey, Bex and Liz help Cammie prepare for her "mission Josh," and what does Cammie think about the process?

5. What is the atmosphere like as Cammie arrives at the debriefing for the covert ops assignment and how does Mr. Solomon act when Cammie announces she has the soft drink bottle?

6. What do Liz and Cammie learn from the Dr. Pepper bottle that Josh had handled and why do they decide to go to his house that nigh?

7. What is the subject of covert operations class in their next meeting?

8. How does Mr. Solomon upset Cammie? Why does Cammie choose not to mention it to her mother?

9. What is the girls' mission that night for covert operations class?

10. What does Cammie think about for the next two weeks and how does she get an opportunity to encounter Josh again?

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