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Ally Carter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cammie say she is using to leave Josh?
(a) Her desire for a better life.
(b) Her free will.
(c) Her hurt at his prejudice.
(d) Her anger at their prejudice.

2. For what does Josh apologize?
(a) For being late.
(b) For springing the idea of the party on her at the last minute.
(c) For not checking the movie times.
(d) For not being alone.

3. What does Mr. Solomon do in covert ops class the day that Cammie met him in her mother's office?
(a) Explains about call ins.
(b) Gives a lecture about objectivity.
(c) Discusses in even more depth what can go wrong on a mission.
(d) Shows pictures for two seconds and quizzes the students.

4. For what does Cammie apologize to one of her captives?
(a) Scratching him on the chest.
(b) Kicking him in the groin.
(c) Making a forbidden move.
(d) Cursing.

5. What does Cammie decide she needs to do?
(a) Tell Josh the truth.
(b) Stop seeing Josh.
(c) Bribe Dillion to be quiet.
(d) Talk to DeeDee.

6. What does Cammie do outside of Josh's house?
(a) Leaves him a note.
(b) Practices a statement.
(c) Pace.
(d) Cry.

7. What does Cammie give Josh before she leaves him?
(a) The book he gave her.
(b) The earrings.
(c) A bracelet he gave her.
(d) A letter she wrote him.

8. Why does Cammie's mother ask her if she wants to go into town?
(a) Her mother wants to question Cammie about Josh.
(b) Her mother misses their mother-daughter time together.
(c) Her mother wants to tell Cammie some important news.
(d) Her mother does not want Cammie to be alone that night.

9. What does Cammie do before she escapes?
(a) Ties up her mother.
(b) Destroys the tracker.
(c) Puts a bag over Mr. Solomon's head.
(d) Ties up Mr. Moscowitz.

10. Where does Cammie suggest they can leave notes for each other?
(a) A particular tombstone in the Roseville cemetary.
(b) The horse statue in the Roseville park.
(c) Under a dumpster near where they are.
(d) The Roseville gazebo.

11. What does Cammie realize about DeeDee?
(a) She is also a chameleon.
(b) She is playing her own spy game.
(c) She is mean spirited.
(d) She is in love with Josh.

12. What does Cammie have trouble doing with Bex?
(a) Not coddling her.
(b) Not blurting out the news about Bex's father.
(c) Not being extra nice to her.
(d) Looking her in the eye.

13. What does Josh show Cammie as they are walking?
(a) A shortcut through Roseville.
(b) The buildings his father has designed as an architect.
(c) Several apartment buildings his father owns.
(d) His family's pharmacy.

14. What is Dillion determined to do that night according to his email?
(a) Find out if Josh is being fooled into thinking Cammie is a local girl.
(b) Get proof that Cammie goes to Gallagher.
(c) Get proof that Cammie lives in another state.
(d) Find out if DeeDee loves Josh.

15. About what does Josh tell Cammie as they are walking?
(a) His love of horseback riding.
(b) His sky diving hobby.
(c) His wish to have been raised in a more interesting family.
(d) His parents.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cammie say her dad does?

2. What does Bex learn about her father?

3. Why is Cammie upset at Mr. Solomon?

4. What does Cammie learn the next day when she returns to her mother's office?

5. Who harasses Anna?

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