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Ally Carter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Josh give Cammie some earrings?
(a) For Cammie's legend's birthday.
(b) As a promise gift.
(c) They had belonged to her sister who is dead and he wanted Cammie to have them.
(d) Because he likes her a lot.

2. Where does Josh take Cammie?
(a) The Harvest Fall Dance.
(b) A concert.
(c) Stars Hill.
(d) The movies.

3. Why is Cammie captured?
(a) To confuse the issue of retrieving the map.
(b) As a hostage for surety.
(c) For torture.
(d) For interrogation.

4. About what does Mr. Solomon remind his students for Friday?
(a) A written test in covert ops.
(b) A career fair.
(c) A spy fair coming up.
(d) A field test in covert ops.

5. What does Cammie feel about the "mission"?
(a) It is compromised.
(b) It has changed.
(c) There is some flexibility.
(d) lt was a bad idea.

6. What are Macey and Cammie's reaction when Buckingham calls Bex in to talk to her?
(a) They know the news is good or the Headmistress would be delivering it.
(b) They dread what Buckingham is going to say.
(c) They envy her because they think he's going to offer her a plum assignment.
(d) The worry that Bex is not going to pass covert ops.

7. What does Josh do that was exactly what Cammie imagine it would be?
(a) Plucked some flowers from the park and presented them to her with a bow.
(b) Kissed her.
(c) Recited a poem to Cammie.
(d) Took her on a buggy ride through the park.

8. What does Bex learn about her father?
(a) He is in prison but an exchange is in the works.
(b) He is badly wounded in a hospital in Frankfurt.
(c) He has called in.
(d) He is home, but ill.

9. What is the first date Josh ask Cammie out on?
(a) A band concert in the park.
(b) A paintball game.
(c) The movies.
(d) A basketball game at his school.

10. Who walks in that disconcerts Cammie?
(a) Her mom and Mr. Solomon.
(b) Bex and Liz.
(c) Mr. Solomon and Madam Dabney.
(d) Macey and her parents.

11. Who harasses Anna?
(a) No one.
(b) Dillon and his friends.
(c) DeeDee and another girl.
(d) A few boys Cammie has never seen.

12. What does Cammie fear about going out with her classmates?
(a) Josh will see her with Gallagher girls.
(b) Too much attention will be directed at them.
(c) She will miss Josh's phone call.
(d) She's not worried about anything.

13. How does Cammie explain her actions to Josh?
(a) Cammie's two brothers were always doing that and Cammie learned to defend against them.
(b) Her cousin was kidnapped and killed and Cammie has been paranoid ever since.
(c) She had a stranger do that once and almost abducted her.
(d) Her mother insisted Cammie learn self defense.

14. What does Cammie do outside of Josh's house?
(a) Cry.
(b) Leaves him a note.
(c) Practices a statement.
(d) Pace.

15. What confuses Cammie about Josh's teasing?
(a) She thinks he is mistaken.
(b) His acting as if he's known her for years.
(c) The special occasion to which Josh refers.
(d) He acts more like a brother than a boyfriend.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Dillion determined to do that night according to his email?

2. Who arrives at the burger joint where Josh and Cammie go to eat?

3. Why does Cammie panic when she sees Josh at the gazebo?

4. What does Liz tell Cammie the next night concerning Josh?

5. Who is decoding Josh's handwriting?

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