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Ally Carter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cammie say when Liz reminds her of a project that is due on Wednesday?
(a) She asked for an extension.
(b) She is ready to get started right then.
(c) They will work on it the next day as she's going out with Josh.
(d) She has already done her part.

2. Who arrives at the burger joint where Josh and Cammie go to eat?
(a) Josh's older brother and his wife.
(b) A group of teens.
(c) Josh's ex-football coach.
(d) A guy who hates Josh.

3. What does Bex tell Cammie?
(a) Liz is missing.
(b) They have to get out of there.
(c) They have found out that Josh is not who they thought he was.
(d) Anna is missing.

4. What does Cammie think is a bad idea though her mom gives permission?
(a) To go to town.
(b) To go to a party at Josh's house.
(c) To go to a dance at the local teen hangout.
(d) To tell Bex about her father.

5. What does Cammie do when she goes and hides?
(a) Cries for Bex's father.
(b) Cries for her father.
(c) Cries for her mother.
(d) Tries to figure out what to tell Bex.

6. What does Cammie explain about her behavior in the pharmacy?
(a) She could not compromise the mission.
(b) She didn't want anyone to know she was there.
(c) She thought it best that someone be observing it all in case things escalated and the police got involved.
(d) She was sure Bex and Liz could handle things.

7. What does Cammie learn the next day when she returns to her mother's office?
(a) That Liz's mother is dying.
(b) That Macey's father wants to visit his daughter the next day.
(c) That Bex's father has missed his last three call ins.
(d) That Bex's mother has missed her last three call ins.

8. What is Liz concerned about concerning Cammie and Josh?
(a) Josh is part of a plot to expose the school.
(b) Josh is using Cammie to make DeeDee jealous.
(c) Cammie broke up with Josh.
(d) Cammie is too inexperienced about boys.

9. When does Cammie say is her birthday?
(a) November 19.
(b) June 19.
(c) October 3.
(d) December 11.

10. What does Josh do that was exactly what Cammie imagine it would be?
(a) Plucked some flowers from the park and presented them to her with a bow.
(b) Recited a poem to Cammie.
(c) Kissed her.
(d) Took her on a buggy ride through the park.

11. What does Cammie decide she needs to do?
(a) Stop seeing Josh.
(b) Tell Josh the truth.
(c) Bribe Dillion to be quiet.
(d) Talk to DeeDee.

12. What happens when Cammie and Bex are captured?
(a) Cammie bites her captor.
(b) Mr. Solomon calls the exercise.
(c) Cammie tells Liz to cut the lights.
(d) Bex punches the captor and knocks him out.

13. What are Macey and Cammie's reaction when Buckingham calls Bex in to talk to her?
(a) The worry that Bex is not going to pass covert ops.
(b) They envy her because they think he's going to offer her a plum assignment.
(c) They dread what Buckingham is going to say.
(d) They know the news is good or the Headmistress would be delivering it.

14. What does Josh give Cammie at the gazebo?
(a) A hand-written poem.
(b) A corsage.
(c) A bracelet.
(d) A flower tiara.

15. What are the papers Mr. Solomon gives the students in class?
(a) Their field tests results.
(b) An assignment to do individually with no help.
(c) A survey to see who wants to take covert ops again.
(d) A breakdown of the steps involved in making contact with one's target.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the girls find using a body heat detector?

2. What does Cammie tell DeeDee why Cammie is outside alone?

3. Who are DeeDee and Dillon?

4. What does Cammie find confusing about Mr. Solomon in class that day?

5. What does Cammie have trouble doing with Bex?

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