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Ally Carter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Cammie not notice Bex slipping into an empty seat at the table?
(a) Cammie is busy studying her spy notebook.
(b) Bex created a diversion just before doing so.
(c) Cammie had just left the table right before Bex arrives.
(d) Bex is so good at spying.

2. Why does Cammie become tearful in her Covert Operations class?
(a) Buckingham harangues her.
(b) Solomon implies that Cammie will flunk out of this course.
(c) Solomon insults Cammie's mother.
(d) Something makes her think of her father who is missing.

3. What does Bex try to say is Covert Ops homework when Macey comes into the suite?
(a) The stacks of smelly frozen dinner plastic plates.
(b) Perusing some websites on the internet.
(c) Putting together a transmitter.
(d) Josh's trash.

4. Why is Professor Smith impressed?
(a) Bex and Liz even attempted to tail him.
(b) He never saw Cammie.
(c) Mr. Solomon gave them such an easy assignment.
(d) Cammie picked the bottle out of the trash without his noticing.

5. Who distracts Madame Dabney?
(a) Cammie.
(b) Liz.
(c) Macey.
(d) Bex.

6. The boy teases Cammie about ____________.
(a) Having a cross necklace.
(b) Having such a tiny purse.
(c) Having such a large purse.
(d) Picking through the trash.

7. The note that the girls find in some trash is from ______________.
(a) Professor Smith.
(b) Mr. Solomon.
(c) Josh.
(d) DeeDee.

8. Why do the students go to the Covert Ops classroom so late in the evening?
(a) For a debriefing of the assignment.
(b) To discuss a new assignment.
(c) To turn in their gear.
(d) For a quiet place to talk.

9. Who is Joe Solomon?
(a) The new headmaster of the school.
(b) Bex's father.
(c) A new teacher at the school.
(d) Cammie's uncle.

10. For how long does Cammie sit on a bench?
(a) A few minutes.
(b) She is too restless to sit down.
(c) A couple hours.
(d) About half an hour.

11. What does Cammie try to do as she is waiting for Josh to arrive?
(a) Act normal.
(b) Be visible.
(c) Pretend she is on a secret assignment.
(d) Be invisible.

12. Why does Bex attack Macey?
(a) Macey insults the Headmistress.
(b) Macey insults Liz.
(c) Macey insults the school.
(d) Macey insults Bex.

13. Why is Anna Fetterman fearful?
(a) She may have to take Covert Operations this year.
(b) She won't have any friends during the summer.
(c) She did not pass the final exams.
(d) She is going to be kicked out of the school.

14. What is Cammie and Bex's mission?
(a) To show off the school in such a way as to discourage further inquiries.
(b) To make sure the Senator and his family do not learn of the true nature of the school.
(c) To make certain the Senator's daughter leaves feeling good about the school.
(d) To make a sublte appeal for increased funding.

15. Where does Cammie find Liz and Bex?
(a) In line at the funnel cake kiosk.
(b) Sitting on a bench being interrogated by Professor Smith.
(c) Talking to another student from the class.
(d) In line at the Ferris wheel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What about Cammie is considered cool at her school?

2. What does Cammie enjoy about the Culture and Assimilation class?

3. Why are Cammie and Bex tapped to take the visitors on a tour?

4. What shocks Liz, Cammie, and Anna about Buckingham?

5. What does Cammie notice that disturbs her?

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