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Ally Carter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cammie drop in shock?
(a) Her earpiece.
(b) Her Dr. Pepper bottle.
(c) Her cross necklace.
(d) Her purse.

2. Why does Cammie slip behind a tapestry downstairs?
(a) She is embarrassed to be seen in such girlie clothes.
(b) It has the entrance to a secret passageway behind it.
(c) Her mother and Mr. Smith start down the hall where she is.
(d) To try to hear what her mother is talking to Mr. Solomon about.

3. At lunch, Macey acts like _______________.
(a) She wants nothing to do with anyone.
(b) She belongs to the friendship circle of her suite mates.
(c) She is just tolerating her suite mates.
(d) She is scared to death.

4. What ancestor of Macey's does Headmistress Morgan respect?
(a) Mac Gallagher.
(b) Gilly Gallagher.
(c) Gilly McHenry.
(d) Mac McHenry.

5. About what does Mr. Solomon lecture the class?
(a) Possibility that many unseen things exist.
(b) Best students are consistent in their efforts.
(c) Importance of legends and false histories.
(d) Importance of maintaining a high level of fitness.

6. What does Cammie notice that disturbs her?
(a) Two seats in the classroom are empty.
(b) Josh is wearing hearing aids.
(c) Mr. Mosckowitz has obviously been hurt.
(d) Macey is allowed into the covert ops class.

7. What does Headmistress Morgan tell the Senator and his family?
(a) There are rigorous entry standards.
(b) An abridged history of the school
(c) His daughter would not qualify for admission.
(d) The school has no openings for new students at this time.

8. What makes Bex think Josh might be trying to find Cammie?
(a) Note found in the trash.
(b) Mysterious phone call.
(c) Pamphlets from various churches in the area.
(d) Rough drawing of her in his trash.

9. What does Liz do with the remote control that she pulls out in the driver's ed car?
(a) Signals Macey who is in a car behind them.
(b) Causes the water in the radiator to overheat.
(c) Plays the sound of a police siren.
(d) Blows out one of the tires on the car.

10. Where is Josh's family going on a Saturday evening?
(a) Surprise birthday party for Keith Jones.
(b) Out to dinner.
(c) Surprise birthday party for Josh's grandmother.
(d) Movies.

11. Why is Anna Fetterman fearful?
(a) She won't have any friends during the summer.
(b) She may have to take Covert Operations this year.
(c) She did not pass the final exams.
(d) She is going to be kicked out of the school.

12. What has Mr. Solomon called the latest session of the Covert Ops class?
(a) Shadow walking.
(b) Trail marking.
(c) Traveling light.
(d) Garbology.

13. What switch does Bex make?
(a) Josh's trash for another bag.
(b) Her transmitter for Liz's.
(c) Cammie's picture for another one.
(d) Her real photo id for a fake one.

14. What happens just as Buckingham detains Cammie and Bex?
(a) Cammie's mother runs past them screaming.
(c) Solomon runs past them with a gun in his hand.

15. What shocks Liz, Cammie, and Anna about Buckingham?
(a) He will not be teaching the Covert Operations class this year.
(b) He has been a double agent for many years.
(c) He is going back to field work.
(d) He was killed the night before by an enemy agent.

Short Answer Questions

1. With what do Macey, Bex and Liz fill Cammie's purse for her "accidental" encounter with Josh?

2. The boy teases Cammie about ____________.

3. What does Cammie say about Josh that demonstrates she has seen him before?

4. When is the covert operations class meeting?

5. About what "operation" does Cammie think of for the next two weeks?

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