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Ally Carter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what "operation" does Cammie think of for the next two weeks?
(a) Operation sneak away.
(b) Operation Josh.
(c) Operation find her father.
(d) Operation fool Mr. Solomon.

2. What has Mr. Solomon called the latest session of the Covert Ops class?
(a) Garbology.
(b) Traveling light.
(c) Trail marking.
(d) Shadow walking.

3. What is Bex's driving like?
(a) Jerky.
(b) Terrifying.
(c) Slow and careful.
(d) Fast but controled.

4. Who distracts Madame Dabney?
(a) Bex.
(b) Cammie.
(c) Liz.
(d) Macey.

5. What type of people are supposed to attend Gallagher Academy?
(a) Only children of spies.
(b) Exceptional young women.
(c) Any girl whose parents can pay the tuition.
(d) Girls and boys who have passed a national test.

6. The note that the girls find in some trash is from ______________.
(a) DeeDee.
(b) Professor Smith.
(c) Mr. Solomon.
(d) Josh.

7. How many languages does Cammie know?
(a) 14.
(b) 4.
(c) 7.
(d) 3.

8. Cammie's mother promises that _______________ will get easier.
(a) Her mother's strictness with her.
(b) Her father's disappearance.
(c) Her missing her brother.
(d) Her dislike of Macey.

9. What about Cammie is considered cool at her school?
(a) She is six feet tall.
(b) She can pole vault fifteen feet.
(c) She can sing a Russian song in French.
(d) She can make herself invisible.

10. What does Headmistress Morgan tell Macey at Sunday night dinner?
(a) Macey will be treated no differently than any of the other students.
(b) The truth about Gallagher Academy.
(c) Macey must take an oath of silence if she wants to stay.
(d) Macey had been denied admittance.

11. What does Cammie wonder about every girl who is on a date?
(a) If she ever wonders if it is worth it.
(b) If she is actually in deep cover.
(c) If she has to carry twenty pounds of stuff in her purse.
(d) If she wishes catching a guy's attention were easier.

12. What does Cammie find harder than being a spy?
(a) Being friends with such quirky girls.
(b) Being a normal girl.
(c) Being the daughter of the Headmistress.
(d) Pretending to be other than you are just for a boy.

13. What shocks Liz, Cammie, and Anna about Buckingham?
(a) He is going back to field work.
(b) He was killed the night before by an enemy agent.
(c) He has been a double agent for many years.
(d) He will not be teaching the Covert Operations class this year.

14. The school Cammie attends is disguised as ________________.
(a) A school for heiresses.
(b) A school for disciplinary problems.
(c) A school for the lower echelons of society.
(d) A school for those with artistic talents.

15. Where is the Covert Operations class held?
(a) In a newly-renovated classroom in the Gallagher mansion.
(b) At the home of Buckingham.
(c) In a building a few hundred yards from the Gallagher mansion.
(d) In the sublevels.

Short Answer Questions

1. What drink bottle does Professor Smith toss in the trash?

2. What does Liz wonder as she and Cammie are going downstairs in the early evening?

3. What does Bex try to say is Covert Ops homework when Macey comes into the suite?

4. How is the girl who gets out of the limo dressed?

5. Cammie does not tell Bex and Liz about ________________.

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