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Ally Carter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For how long does Cammie sit on a bench?
(a) She is too restless to sit down.
(b) About half an hour.
(c) A few minutes.
(d) A couple hours.

2. With what do Macey, Bex and Liz fill Cammie's purse for her "accidental" encounter with Josh?
(a) Acceptable items.
(b) She decides not to carry a purse.
(c) Spy gadgetry.
(d) A fake cell phone, ipod, and some fake credit cards.

3. About what "operation" does Cammie think of for the next two weeks?
(a) Operation Josh.
(b) Operation find her father.
(c) Operation sneak away.
(d) Operation fool Mr. Solomon.

4. Who raises their hand when Mr. Solomon asks who wants to be a spy?
(a) Liz and Macey.
(b) Bex.
(c) No one.
(d) Cammie and Bex.

5. What lie does Cammie tell the boy?
(a) She is not interested in boys.
(b) She is home schooled.
(c) She is just visiting her aunt here.
(d) She has graduated from high school.

6. What is Bex's driving like?
(a) Terrifying.
(b) Slow and careful.
(c) Fast but controled.
(d) Jerky.

7. What does Headmistress Morgan tell the Senator and his family?
(a) The school has no openings for new students at this time.
(b) An abridged history of the school
(c) His daughter would not qualify for admission.
(d) There are rigorous entry standards.

8. What does Mr. Mosckowitz do for a living?
(a) Maintenance person at the school.
(b) Driver of an express truck.
(c) Security guard at the White House.
(d) Salesman at a shoe store.

9. How is the girl who gets out of the limo dressed?
(a) In a kung fu uniform.
(b) Punk clothes.
(c) Very conservatively.
(d) Like an outdoors girl.

10. Why is Anna Fetterman fearful?
(a) She did not pass the final exams.
(b) She won't have any friends during the summer.
(c) She is going to be kicked out of the school.
(d) She may have to take Covert Operations this year.

11. What does Cammie say about Josh that demonstrates she has seen him before?
(a) Cammie mentions his earring.
(b) Cammie comments about Josh's wavy hair.
(c) Cammie says he is very polite.
(d) Cammie says he has a nice voice.

12. Why isn't Bex's skills as a lock picker needed at Josh's home?
(a) The patio doors into the library are unlocked.
(b) The back door is unlocked.
(c) The front door is unlocked.
(d) The maid lets the girls in.

13. What switch does Bex make?
(a) Her transmitter for Liz's.
(b) Her real photo id for a fake one.
(c) Josh's trash for another bag.
(d) Cammie's picture for another one.

14. What does Cammie find harder than being a spy?
(a) Being friends with such quirky girls.
(b) Being the daughter of the Headmistress.
(c) Pretending to be other than you are just for a boy.
(d) Being a normal girl.

15. Why does Mr. Solomon give Liz, Bex, and Cammie the point position for their class that is convening later?
(a) Bex is so eager to show off.
(b) They are being punished for disrupting the class.
(c) They are the three best point persons in the class.
(d) They need to bond with Macey.

Short Answer Questions

1. The note that the girls find in some trash is from ______________.

2. Why does Cammie not notice Bex slipping into an empty seat at the table?

3. Who is Josh?

4. What type of people are supposed to attend Gallagher Academy?

5. The boy teases Cammie about ____________.

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