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Short Answer Questions

1. With Tiberius gone, who was left in charge of the Roman Empire?

2. Cassius Chærea was disgusted when Caligula made him:

3. Why did neither Tiberius or Livia attend the Roman funeral for Germanicus?

4. What book did Tiberius take with him?

5. What does Tiberius do when he meets with Agrippina?

Short Essay Questions

1. What makes Germanicus happy about being appointed to oversee the eastern provinces?

2. How does Calpurnia help Claudius avoid being tried for treason during Caligula's reign?

3. What happens as a result of Caligula's illness?

4. What does Messalina tell Claudius about becoming emperor?

5. What metaphor does Claudius use to describe Tiberius's rule?

6. How does the actor, Mnester, prevent a massacre?

7. How does Caligula wage war on Neptune?

8. How does a lizard foretell Tiberius's death?

9. Who does Germanicus accuse of murdering him?

10. What letter does Livia read to Tiberius to keep him under control?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay that addresses the differences (or similarities) between marriage and divorce in Ancient Rome and in our modern world.

Essay Topic 2

Why does Claudius survive, when all his other relatives perish? Write an essay that explains his longevity.

Essay Topic 3

Historical fiction is a blend of fact and imagination. Write a paper pointing out when Robert Graves is basing his story on fact and when he is allowing himself to imagine what might have happened.

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