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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Claudius receive from Livia?

2. How did Caligula raise funds in France?

3. What does Claudius miss most when he is staying in Carthage?

4. What did the oracle at the Temple of Fortune tell Caligula?

5. What does Antonia say that Caligula did to Drusilla?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Claudius save the lives of the three noblemen who accompany him to Lyons?

2. What does Caligula tell Livia as she is dying?

3. Why does Claudius advise Agrippina to make friends with Nerva and Vipsania?

4. Who does Germanicus accuse of murdering him?

5. How does the actor, Mnester, prevent a massacre?

6. How does Caligula wage war on Neptune?

7. What does Claudius hope will happen once Caligula announces his new status as a God?

8. Describe Claudius's relationship with his wife, Urgulanilla.

9. What letter does Livia read to Tiberius to keep him under control?

10. What metaphor does Claudius use to describe Tiberius's rule?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Livia was the most powerful woman of her time in Ancient Rome. But only because she was willing to commit crimes and manipulate those men who held political power. Would Livia have made the same choices in a system where she could rule directly, without a husband or son?

Essay Topic 2

Historical fiction is a blend of fact and imagination. Write a paper pointing out when Robert Graves is basing his story on fact and when he is allowing himself to imagine what might have happened.

Essay Topic 3

Pick one of the following characters and contrast the character in the story with his or her historical character:

a) Augustus

b) Tiberius

c) Livia

d) Caligula

e) Claudius

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