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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Augustus blame for the low marriage rate in Rome?
(a) The selfishness and laziness of bachelorhood
(b) The fact that everyone is related to each other
(c) The lack of priests to perform the ceremonies
(d) The ease of getting divorces for political reasons

2. What was the amount of time the Roman soldiers wanted to serve before being discharged?
(a) Two years
(b) Ten years
(c) Eight years
(d) Sixteen years

3. Why was Postumus not arrested at Ostia?
(a) He was unable to land in the harbor because of bad weather.
(b) He was disguised as a sailor and slipped into the crowd.
(c) The people of Ostia turned on the guards and beat them.
(d) The crowd was too large for the officers to challenge.

4. What is a Triumvirate?
(a) A chariot that was invented by the Romans
(b) A type of clothing worn by important statesmen
(c) A celebration that takes place after a war
(d) A group of three men who rule a government

5. Augustus secretly frees Postumus from exile by. . .
(a) pretending that Postumus has died.
(b) having a slave impersonate Postumus.
(c) killing the soldiers that guarded him.
(d) keeping all news from leaving his island.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who offers to capture Postumus for Tiberius?

2. How does Antonia regard her son, Claudius?

3. Why does Augustus move the sword-fighters out of the city?

4. What does rebel leader Bato compare the Roman governors to?

5. What kind of animal does Livia compare Claudius to?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Germanicus send his wife Agrippina, back to Rome?

2. What does Pollio imply about the death of Claudius's grandfather?

3. Why does Livia target Julilla and her unborn child?

4. How does Tiberius react to Germanicus's loyal quelling of the troop revolts?

5. What three things does Antonia tell Claudius are impossible?

6. How does Germanicus keep the Roman regiments from revolting?

7. What praise does Claudius give to his grandmother, Livia?

8. Why is Germanicus's support necessary to redeem Postumus in Rome?

9. Why does Claudius wait until Germanicus returns to Rome to tell him that Postumus was innocent?

10. What does the nobleman predict will happen based on Claudius catching the wolf cub?

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