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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Agrippa?
(a) A longtime friend and advisor to Augustus
(b) Tiberius's first wife
(c) Livia's first husband
(d) Marcellus's father

2. What is Caligula's real name?
(a) Germanicus
(b) Nero
(c) Drusus
(d) Gaius

3. Who was the Crocodile?
(a) One of the men who guarded Postumus on the island.
(b) A helpful librarian at the temple of Apollo in Rome.
(c) A freedman who had worked for Postumus's father.
(d) One of the Roman Guards at the Imperial palace.

4. What happens to Julilla after Livia exposes her sexual affairs?
(a) She joins the Vestals.
(b) She marries Claudius.
(c) She is sentenced to death.
(d) She is banished.

5. How does Caligula leave the soldier's camp?
(a) Singing a jaunty march
(b) In his mother's arms
(c) Riding on Cassius's back
(d) Screaming and crying

6. What omen is cited by Tiberius to show that Augustus should become a God?
(a) His statue was seen to move .
(b) His statue was struck by lightning.
(c) There is an earthquake in Rome.
(d) The planets move into alignment.

7. The senator Haterius was known for his skill in:
(a) Flattery
(b) Eloquence
(c) Parody
(d) Insults

8. Who accuses Postumus of trying to rape her?
(a) Both Livilla and Æmillia
(b) Only Livilla
(c) Æmillia and Urgulanilla
(d) Livilla and Julilla

9. What notable thing does Claudius do at his first games?
(a) Fight with one of the gladiators
(b) Fall out of the royal box
(c) Faint when a gladiator dies
(d) Give the most stirring speech

10. What attitude does Livia take towards Postumus?
(a) She supports him as Augustus's last grandson.
(b) She decribes him as very gentle and loving.
(c) She paints him as ambitious and rude to Augustus.
(d) She suggests that he be given more honors.

11. What language does Claudius use to write his autobiography?
(a) Hebrew
(b) Latin
(c) Greek
(d) English

12. Who rules Rome after the death of Mark Antony?
(a) Claudius
(b) Nero
(c) Pompey
(d) Augustus Caesar

13. What does Pollio bet Livy that Claudius is reading?
(a) The Classics
(b) Love poems
(c) Livia's book
(d) Trash

14. Who is Athenodorus?
(a) Claudius's best friend
(b) Antonia's new husband
(c) Claudius's favorite tutor
(d) Antonia's steward

15. Who is assumed to become Augustus's successor when he dies?
(a) Castor
(b) Tiberius
(c) Germanicus
(d) Postumus

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Athenodorus leave Rome?

2. What is the best part of Germanicus's final incursions against the Germans?

3. When does Tiberius repay Germanicus for the gold coins he gave to the soldiers?

4. What really happened to Postumus?

5. What does rebel leader Bato compare the Roman governors to?

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