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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The senator Haterius was known for his skill in:
(a) Flattery
(b) Eloquence
(c) Insults
(d) Parody

2. When Tiberius adopts Germanicus, Claudius's brother is brought into which family?
(a) The Tiberian Family
(b) The Julian Family
(c) The Drusillan Family
(d) The Claudian Family

3. What really happened to Postumus?
(a) He was captured and sent to Eqypt.
(b) He gave up his cause and disappeared.
(c) He was tortured and then killed.
(d) He agreed to go back to his island.

4. Why does Claudius become his mother's guardian?
(a) He is the oldest male left in his family.
(b) Livia thinks it would be a good joke on her.
(c) She has become too old to take care of herself.
(d) Augustus wants to make sure he is busy.

5. What is the best part of Germanicus's final incursions against the Germans?
(a) He is able to rescue a legion of captured Roman soldiers.
(b) He finds enough gold to finance fighting for another year.
(c) He captures the mother of Flavius, ensuring his loyalty.
(d) He recaptures one of the three lost Eagles.

6. What does Claudius shout when he is told about Augustus's death?
(a) Poor Postumus!
(b) That's it! I'm a dead man!
(c) Poison is Queen!
(d) Long live the Republic!

7. Livia finds out about Postumus's escape by. . .
(a) grilling Claudius for what he knows about it.
(b) reading some letters that Augustus wrote.
(c) asking the wife of the man who helped Augustus.
(d) torturing one of Augustus's slaves.

8. What does Livia send to her son, Drusus?
(a) A box filled with poisoned food
(b) A letter, denouncing him
(c) A bag containing golden coins
(d) Her personal physician

9. What does Germanicus tell his soldiers about the German fighters?
(a) That they are frightened by the screams of eagles
(b) That they will keep fighting to the very end
(c) That they can be distracted by the smell of beer
(d) That they have no true military discipline

10. What notable thing does Claudius do at his first games?
(a) Fight with one of the gladiators
(b) Give the most stirring speech
(c) Faint when a gladiator dies
(d) Fall out of the royal box

11. Why does Athenodorus leave Rome?
(a) He feels that he would be happier living outside of Rome.
(b) His nephews beg him to help them remove their governor.
(c) He wants to do research at the Library at Alexandria.
(d) He was framed by Livia for insurrection and banished.

12. How does Caligula leave the soldier's camp?
(a) Screaming and crying
(b) In his mother's arms
(c) Riding on Cassius's back
(d) Singing a jaunty march

13. What does the name "Caligula" mean?
(a) Little Boots
(b) Little Dancer
(c) Little General
(d) Little Emperor

14. Where does Claudius meet Assinius Pollio?
(a) At the Apollo Library
(b) Out on a busy street
(c) At the Imperial Palace
(d) In a public bathhouse

15. Who does Actë engage to replace herself as Claudius's mistress?
(a) Urgulanilla
(b) Agrippanilla
(c) Æmillia
(d) Calpurnia

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is assumed to become Augustus's successor when he dies?

2. What honor does Livia create for Urgulania?

3. Who really orders the death of Postumus after Augustus dies?

4. Who does Claudius fall in love with?

5. What surprises Augustus most about hearing Claudius declaim?

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