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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the amount of time the Roman soldiers wanted to serve before being discharged?
(a) Sixteen years
(b) Two years
(c) Ten years
(d) Eight years

2. How does Marcellus die?
(a) He commits suicide.
(b) Livia poisons him.
(c) Agrippa stabs him.
(d) He dies in battle.

3. What does Augustus do when he discovers that Julia is having sexual affairs?
(a) He helps her divorce Tiberius and remarry.
(b) He orders Tiberius to return at once.
(c) He asks her to join the Vestals.
(d) He orders her to be banished from Rome.

4. What does the author mean when he refers to the regimental Eagle?
(a) A marching song that the soldiers sang
(b) A mascot bird kept in a cage
(c) The military ensign of the regiment
(d) The fiercest soldier in the group

5. What does Tiberius tell the senate about Postumus?
(a) That he was killed by one of his sailors
(b) That he was still alive on his island
(c) That he died in a shipwreck outside Ostia
(d) That he was really a slave named Clement

6. What really happened to Postumus?
(a) He agreed to go back to his island.
(b) He gave up his cause and disappeared.
(c) He was captured and sent to Eqypt.
(d) He was tortured and then killed.

7. What nickname do people use for Claudius?
(a) Claudius the Idiot
(b) Claudius the Cautious
(c) Claudius the Ugly
(d) Claudius the Brave

8. What is Pollio's profession?
(a) General
(b) Historian
(c) Statesman
(d) Philosopher

9. Who is Agrippa?
(a) Tiberius's first wife
(b) Marcellus's father
(c) A longtime friend and advisor to Augustus
(d) Livia's first husband

10. What kind of animal does Livia compare Claudius to?
(a) A lemur
(b) A parrot
(c) A wolf
(d) A lion

11. What bad luck befalls Germanicus right after his successful battles?
(a) His entire transport fleet of soldiers is scattered in a storm.
(b) He loses two regiments in a surprise attack by the Germans.
(c) He receives word that his eldest son has died suddenly.
(d) His treasonous letters to Claudius are intercepted by Livia.

12. What surprises Augustus most about hearing Claudius declaim?
(a) Claudius does not stammer.
(b) The large audience loves Claudius.
(c) The speech goes on for two hours.
(d) Claudius is standing straighter.

13. What happens to Julilla after Livia exposes her sexual affairs?
(a) She marries Claudius.
(b) She is banished.
(c) She is sentenced to death.
(d) She joins the Vestals.

14. The key to Livia and Augustus's higher cipher was found in the first chapter of. . .
(a) The Iliad.
(b) Ovid's Love Poems.
(c) Virgil's Æneid.
(d) The Odyssey.

15. What title does Tiberius refuse to use in Rome?
(a) Protector of the People
(b) Augustus
(c) Emperor
(d) Chief Ponticate

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Livia and Urgulania describe the marriage of Claudius and Urgulanilla?

2. Which historian does Claudius hope to emulate?

3. Who rules Rome after the death of Mark Antony?

4. What is the best part of Germanicus's final incursions against the Germans?

5. What does Claudius shout when he is told about Augustus's death?

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