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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Livia refuse to do in the same room as Claudius?
(a) Eat a meal
(b) Go to sleep
(c) Read a book
(d) Listen to him talk

2. What events trigger political unrest in Rome in 5 A.D.?
(a) The deaths of a dozen popular senators
(b) A series of fires in the poor neighborhoods
(c) Earthquakes, floods, and a famine
(d) Several uprisings led by former slaves

3. What did Augustus tell Claudius just a month before he died?
(a) That he was not interested in being a God
(b) That he had made changes to his will
(c) He wanted to give Claudius a public office
(d) That he had decided to free Postumus

4. How does Caligula leave the soldier's camp?
(a) Riding on Cassius's back
(b) In his mother's arms
(c) Singing a jaunty march
(d) Screaming and crying

5. How long had some of the oldest soldiers served?
(a) Five years
(b) Thirty-five years
(c) Twenty-five years
(d) Ten years

6. What does Germanicus tell his soldiers about the German fighters?
(a) That they will keep fighting to the very end
(b) That they can be distracted by the smell of beer
(c) That they have no true military discipline
(d) That they are frightened by the screams of eagles

7. Who is Athenodorus?
(a) Antonia's steward
(b) Antonia's new husband
(c) Claudius's favorite tutor
(d) Claudius's best friend

8. Which senator challenges Tiberius's reluctance to accept power?
(a) Cassius
(b) Crispus
(c) Gallus
(d) Atticus

9. What bad luck befalls Germanicus right after his successful battles?
(a) He receives word that his eldest son has died suddenly.
(b) His treasonous letters to Claudius are intercepted by Livia.
(c) His entire transport fleet of soldiers is scattered in a storm.
(d) He loses two regiments in a surprise attack by the Germans.

10. What does Germanicus ask Claudius to do for him?
(a) Ask Augustus for permission to visit Postumus
(b) Avoid antagonizing Livia, Antonia, and Livilla
(c) Write to him about all the political gossip
(d) Research information about the Balkan tribes

11. What kind of animal does Livia compare Claudius to?
(a) A wolf
(b) A lion
(c) A parrot
(d) A lemur

12. What does the name "Caligula" mean?
(a) Little Boots
(b) Little General
(c) Little Emperor
(d) Little Dancer

13. What does Claudius think is the reason for the low marriage rate?
(a) There are no pretty girls left
(b) Prostitutes are cheaper and nicer
(c) Single women have more rights
(d) Marrying the wrong family risks death

14. Who does Claudius blame for the mistakes that led to a Germanic uprising?
(a) Varus
(b) Germanicus
(c) Tiberius
(d) Cassius

15. Sejanus persuaded Tiberius to. . .
(a) raise the taxes to pay bonuses to the soldiers.
(b) build a permanent camp for the Roman Guards.
(c) appoint him to the senate after Haterius left.
(d) create a special political office for Sejanus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What honor does Livia create for Urgulania?

2. What really happened to Postumus?

3. Germanicus promises Claudius, if he finds evidence that Postumus is innocent, he will. . .

4. What excuse does Claudius give to his mother for selling his property?

5. Who does Claudius fall in love with?

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