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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What project does Livia stop Claudius from completing?
(a) The building of a new library in Rome
(b) Getting appointed to a public position
(c) A book about Augustus's religious reforms
(d) A history of his grandfather's campaigns

2. What omen is cited by Tiberius to show that Augustus should become a God?
(a) His statue was seen to move .
(b) There is an earthquake in Rome.
(c) His statue was struck by lightning.
(d) The planets move into alignment.

3. Who rules Rome after the death of Mark Antony?
(a) Augustus Caesar
(b) Pompey
(c) Nero
(d) Claudius

4. Tiberius trusted Nerva because of his. . .
(a) honesty.
(b) connections.
(c) loyalty.
(d) age.

5. Why does Athenodorus leave Rome?
(a) He feels that he would be happier living outside of Rome.
(b) He wants to do research at the Library at Alexandria.
(c) He was framed by Livia for insurrection and banished.
(d) His nephews beg him to help them remove their governor.

6. What bad luck befalls Germanicus right after his successful battles?
(a) His treasonous letters to Claudius are intercepted by Livia.
(b) His entire transport fleet of soldiers is scattered in a storm.
(c) He receives word that his eldest son has died suddenly.
(d) He loses two regiments in a surprise attack by the Germans.

7. What really happened to Postumus?
(a) He agreed to go back to his island.
(b) He was tortured and then killed.
(c) He was captured and sent to Eqypt.
(d) He gave up his cause and disappeared.

8. What is Claudius's full name?
(a) Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus
(b) Tiberius Claudius Germanicus
(c) Tiberius Claudius Nero Drusus Caesar
(d) Tiberius Claudius

9. Who is Athenodorus?
(a) Antonia's steward
(b) Claudius's best friend
(c) Claudius's favorite tutor
(d) Antonia's new husband

10. What was the amount of time the Roman soldiers wanted to serve before being discharged?
(a) Eight years
(b) Ten years
(c) Sixteen years
(d) Two years

11. Claudius is the biological grandson of:
(a) Tiberius
(b) Mark Antony
(c) Pompey
(d) Drusus

12. Who is assumed to become Augustus's successor when he dies?
(a) Tiberius
(b) Germanicus
(c) Postumus
(d) Castor

13. When does Tiberius repay Germanicus for the gold coins he gave to the soldiers?
(a) After he pays the Balkan troops
(b) Never
(c) Two years later
(d) After the German campaign

14. What do Pollio and Livy argue about?
(a) The Empire and the Republic
(b) Who will succeed Augustus
(c) The proper way to write history
(d) Which god is most powerful

15. What does Livia demand Tiberius to do with the letter from his brother, Drusus?
(a) Send it back unread
(b) Send it to Augustus
(c) Throw it into the fire
(d) Read it aloud immediately

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Augustus move the sword-fighters out of the city?

2. Livia finds out about Postumus's escape by. . .

3. How does Antonia regard her son, Claudius?

4. To avoid conflict with Julia, Tiberius decides to. . .

5. What do Tiberius's regiments do in their mutiny?

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