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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was Claudius when Caligula was assassinated?
(a) Sitting in the seats at the theater
(b) With Calpurnia, at his small villa
(c) Walking about twenty paces behind him
(d) Waiting for him at the Palace

2. What does Claudius miss most when he is staying in Carthage?
(a) Playing dice
(b) Calpurnia
(c) Trees
(d) Germanicus

3. What bad luck befalls Germanicus right after his successful battles?
(a) He loses two regiments in a surprise attack by the Germans.
(b) He receives word that his eldest son has died suddenly.
(c) His entire transport fleet of soldiers is scattered in a storm.
(d) His treasonous letters to Claudius are intercepted by Livia.

4. What does Livia refuse to do in the same room as Claudius?
(a) Eat a meal
(b) Go to sleep
(c) Listen to him talk
(d) Read a book

5. The Senator Incitatus was:
(a) Senator Gallus's nephew
(b) Caligula's favorite race horse
(c) An actor who made fun of Senators
(d) The first non-Roman Senator

Short Answer Questions

1. Caligula made all the palace men shave their heads because:

2. What was the outcome of Senator Gallus's trial?

3. What does Augustus do when he discovers that Julia is having sexual affairs?

4. What is Caligula's real name?

5. What condition does Claudius demand of Livia?

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