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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which two people did Claudius advise Agrippina to cultivate as friends?
(a) Nerva and Vispania
(b) Sejanus and Livia
(c) Sejanus and Thrasyllus
(d) Nerva and Thrasyllus

2. Where does Claudius meet Assinius Pollio?
(a) Out on a busy street
(b) At the Apollo Library
(c) In a public bathhouse
(d) At the Imperial Palace

3. What happened to Martina, the chief witness against Piso and Plancina?
(a) Livia sent her away to an island.
(b) She was bribed to perjure herself.
(c) She killed herself in her cell.
(d) She was killed by agents of Sejanus.

4. What is Claudius surprised about once Livia is dead?
(a) How much worse Tiberius begins to act
(b) How old her corpse looks on the pyre
(c) How much people loved his grandmother
(d) How long it takes the news to reach Tiberius

5. What does Caligula begin to dread after he tortures Brassus?
(a) That Brassus's father would seek revenge
(b) That Jove would smite him for blasphemy
(c) That he would be assassinated by his guard
(d) That the people would begin to hate him

Short Answer Questions

1. With Tiberius gone, who was left in charge of the Roman Empire?

2. What is Caligula's real name?

3. To avoid conflict with Julia, Tiberius decides to. . .

4. What does Germanicus fear Plancina is doing?

5. What finally happens to Plancina?

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