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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What notable thing does Claudius do at his first games?
(a) Fight with one of the gladiators
(b) Give the most stirring speech
(c) Fall out of the royal box
(d) Faint when a gladiator dies

2. Who wrote most of the satiric songs and poems about Tiberius?
(a) Castor
(b) Claudius
(c) Livia
(d) Agrippina

3. Who is assumed to become Augustus's successor when he dies?
(a) Tiberius
(b) Germanicus
(c) Postumus
(d) Castor

4. What number did Germanicus consider especially unlucky?
(a) Thirteen
(b) Three
(c) Twenty-five
(d) Seven

5. What do Pollio and Livy argue about?
(a) Who will succeed Augustus
(b) The Empire and the Republic
(c) The proper way to write history
(d) Which god is most powerful

Short Answer Questions

1. What trick does Caligula use to cheer Tiberius up?

2. Why does Caligula start to become unpopular?

3. Claudius's nickname of "Teruncius" translates to:

4. What condition does Claudius demand of Livia?

5. What did Augustus tell Claudius just a month before he died?

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