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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Claudius shout when he is told about Augustus's death?
(a) Poison is Queen!
(b) Poor Postumus!
(c) That's it! I'm a dead man!
(d) Long live the Republic!

2. How does Antonia regard her son, Claudius?
(a) She dotes on him.
(b) She disowns him.
(c) She favors him.
(d) She despises him.

3. What does Claudius think is the reason for the low marriage rate?
(a) Marrying the wrong family risks death
(b) Prostitutes are cheaper and nicer
(c) Single women have more rights
(d) There are no pretty girls left

4. What do Tiberius's regiments do in their mutiny?
(a) Get drunk on wine captured from the Germans
(b) Burn down their own tents and shelters
(c) Murder or drive out most of the captains
(d) March on Rome with their swords raised

5. What do the eagles drop into Claudius's gown?
(a) An egg
(b) A scroll
(c) A wolf cub
(d) A lamb

Short Answer Questions

1. Claudius is the biological grandson of:

2. What is a Triumvirate?

3. Why does Claudius become his mother's guardian?

4. Who does Claudius blame for the mistakes that led to a Germanic uprising?

5. What attitude does Livia take towards Postumus?

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