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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Livia and Urgulania describe the marriage of Claudius and Urgulanilla?
(a) The Bookworm and the Boar
(b) The Quick and the Dead
(c) The Dove and the Hawk
(d) The Camel and the Elephant

2. What attitude does Livia take towards Postumus?
(a) She suggests that he be given more honors.
(b) She paints him as ambitious and rude to Augustus.
(c) She decribes him as very gentle and loving.
(d) She supports him as Augustus's last grandson.

3. What does Augustus blame for the low marriage rate in Rome?
(a) The ease of getting divorces for political reasons
(b) The fact that everyone is related to each other
(c) The selfishness and laziness of bachelorhood
(d) The lack of priests to perform the ceremonies

4. Who does Claudius fall in love with?
(a) Camilla
(b) Julilla
(c) Agrippina
(d) Aemilia

5. Who accuses Postumus of trying to rape her?
(a) Æmillia and Urgulanilla
(b) Only Livilla
(c) Both Livilla and Æmillia
(d) Livilla and Julilla

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Livia send to her son, Drusus?

2. Name all of Julia's husbands.

3. What events trigger political unrest in Rome in 5 A.D.?

4. What do Pollio and Livy argue about?

5. What notable thing does Claudius do at his first games?

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