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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Name all of Julia's husbands.
(a) Agrippa, Tiberius, and Drusus
(b) Marcellus and Drusus
(c) Marcellus, Agrippa, and Tiberius
(d) Agrippa and Tiberius

2. How do Livia and Urgulania describe the marriage of Claudius and Urgulanilla?
(a) The Camel and the Elephant
(b) The Dove and the Hawk
(c) The Quick and the Dead
(d) The Bookworm and the Boar

3. What does Livia demand Tiberius to do with the letter from his brother, Drusus?
(a) Read it aloud immediately
(b) Throw it into the fire
(c) Send it to Augustus
(d) Send it back unread

4. To avoid conflict with Julia, Tiberius decides to. . .
(a) exile himself from Rome.
(b) move back into her bedroom.
(c) have an affair with Vipsania.
(d) father a child with her.

5. Where does Claudius meet Assinius Pollio?
(a) At the Imperial Palace
(b) At the Apollo Library
(c) Out on a busy street
(d) In a public bathhouse

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Athenodorus?

2. Claudius is the biological grandson of:

3. What does Augustus do when he discovers that Julia is having sexual affairs?

4. What is Claudius actually reading?

5. What nickname do people use for Claudius?

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