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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Livia do to embarrass Tiberius?
(a) Denounces him in front of the Senate
(b) Publishes his love letters to Vispania
(c) Hires an actor to caracature him in public
(d) Gives a public reading of Augustus's letters

2. What does Claudius miss most when he is staying in Carthage?
(a) Germanicus
(b) Playing dice
(c) Trees
(d) Calpurnia

3. How does Postumus send word to Claudius that he is alive?
(a) He sends Claudius a book with a hidden message in it.
(b) He hires a prostitute to pass a letter to Claudius.
(c) He encloses a note in a package of fruit.
(d) He asks an old soldier to deliver a verbal message.

4. What agreement do Ælia and Claudius come to regarding their marriage?
(a) That they will live together
(b) That they will not have sex with each other
(c) That they will divorce in two years
(d) That they will survive Tiberius

5. With Postumus gone, who is the sole heir to Augustus's crown?
(a) Tiberius
(b) Castor
(c) Claudius
(d) Germanicus

Short Answer Questions

1. What project does Livia stop Claudius from completing?

2. What does the author mean when he refers to the regimental Eagle?

3. What is Claudius surprised about once Livia is dead?

4. What was the outcome of Senator Gallus's trial?

5. What was the amount of time the Roman soldiers wanted to serve before being discharged?

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