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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Caligula's real name?
(a) Drusus
(b) Gaius
(c) Germanicus
(d) Nero

2. What does Claudius shout when he is told about Augustus's death?
(a) Long live the Republic!
(b) Poison is Queen!
(c) Poor Postumus!
(d) That's it! I'm a dead man!

3. Who was the Crocodile?
(a) One of the Roman Guards at the Imperial palace.
(b) A freedman who had worked for Postumus's father.
(c) A helpful librarian at the temple of Apollo in Rome.
(d) One of the men who guarded Postumus on the island.

4. Agrippina asks Tiberius for permission to marry who?
(a) The honored general, Bl├Žasus
(b) Her brother-in-law, Claudius
(c) Tiberius's adviser, Sejanus
(d) Tiberius's mocker, Gallus

5. What book did Tiberius take with him?
(a) Ovid's
(b) An encyclopedia of pornography
(c) A history of Augustus's reign
(d) Livia's book

Short Answer Questions

1. Germanicus promises Claudius, if he finds evidence that Postumus is innocent, he will. . .

2. What does Tiberius do after Livia shames him?

3. Which senator challenges Tiberius's reluctance to accept power?

4. Augustus secretly frees Postumus from exile by. . .

5. Who is the first person that Caligula ordered killed after taking the throne?

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