I, Claudius Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Agrippa - Augustus's oldest friend.

Agrippina - She becomes the de facto leader of Rome's anti-Tiberius faction following Germanicus's death.

Athenodorus - He instills Claudius with self-confidence and a love of history.

Augustus Caesar - His greatest fault is his trust in his wife and his daughter.

Briseis - She has a dream that foretells the way in which Claudius will assume the position of Emperor.

Caligula - His reign as Emperor is marked by madness and capricious acts.

Calpurnia - Claudius's longtime mistress.

Cassius - He assassinates Caligula.

Castor - Livilla poisons him in order to marry Sejanus.

Claudius - His physical disabilities and stammer give him the appearance of an idiot.

Drusilla - Caligula's favorite sister.

Drusus - Claudius's father, his death is blamed on Livia's personal physician.

Gaius - He and his brother are adopted by Augustus and then poisoned by Livia.

Gemellus -...

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