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Comparative Literature

Students may research the short stories of another Existentialist/Absurdist writer and write a comparative analysis of the two, using the study of Existentialism and Absurdism as a guide.

Kafka and Religion

Many have regarded the artist as a Christ-like figure; however, Kafka was Jewish. Give students the opportunity to research further Kafka's religious belief and his regard for Christianity and discern whether it is likely for him to have written a Christ allegory.


The following are three adaptations based upon "A Hunger Artist." Ask students to locate an example of an adaptation and bring it to class.

A comics adaptation of the story, illustrated by Peter Kuper, is included in "Give It Up!"

A short American film based on the story was made in 2002.

Introducing Kafka, a graphic novel written by David Zane Mairowitz and illustrated by Robert Crumb, examines Kafka's life and work...

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