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A Hunger Artist Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

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Essay Topics

What is the tense and voice of "A Hunger Artist"? Define these terms in your answer. Describe whose point of view the story follows and why.

Describe the character of the artist. Why does he pursue his line of art? What is his satisfaction in it?

Discuss the different interpretations of the story "A Hunger Artist." What do each of these imply is the meaning of Kafka's work?

Discuss the term "Kafkaesque." What qualities does work of this style and or mood convey?

Discuss "A Hunger Artist "in terms of existentialist philosophy. What about the story conveys these concepts and ideas?

Discuss the Absurdist qualities of "A Hunger Artist." How is this story a forerunner of the Absurdist movement?

Discuss the character of the impresario. What is his appearance? What are this character's actions and objectives in the story?

Discuss Kafka's use of exposition in the story. What...

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