Objects & Places from How I Live Now

Meg Rosoff
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The Farmhouse - The rural England home of Daisy's cousins and her Aunt Penn.

The Lambing Barn - A building about a mile away from the family home of Piper's cousins and aunt where the children plan to hide from enemies though they quickly give up that idea.

The Garden - Located in the farmhouse's back yard, it is where Edmond sits for hours every day.

The War - The event that brings enemy soldiers into the lives of Daisy and her cousins.

The McEvoys' House - Located on the outskirts of an English town called Reston Bridge, this is where Piper and Daisy live for awhile.

Meadowbrook Farm - The place where Piper and Daisy go with others to pick crops for distribution.

Gateshead Farm - Where Edmond and Isaac are rehoused by British troops.

Kingly - The town nearest to Gateshead Farm.

Eighty-Eighth Street...

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