Daily Lessons for Teaching How I Live Now

Meg Rosoff
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Objective: The first chapter is little more than a tease to make the reader want to read the story. The objective of this lesson is to examine beginnings.

1. For class discussion: Ask students to evaluate the opening page of this book. Encourage students to say what there is about the opening pages that makes them want to continue to read.
2. For class work: Have students write a lead-in for a fictional story from their own imagination.
3. For homework: Have students write the opening lines of at least three fictional stories and compare each with the opening of this book.
4. For class debate: Ask students if the first chapter of this book should have been chapter one or a prologue. Encourage discussion of the meaning of the word "prologue."


Objective: Daisy is only a nickname, supposedly because that is a better description of the character. The objective...

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