How I Live Now Character Descriptions

Meg Rosoff
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Daisy - The 15-year-old New Yorker who describes herself as a skinny, plain girl.

Piper - Daisy's nine-year-old cousin who is quick to form trusting attachments.

Edmond - One of Daisy's cousins, he is is self-assured as the story begins but is withdrawn as the story ends.

Aunt Penn - The mother of Daisy's cousins.

Isaac - One of Piper's brothers, he's exceedingly quiet.

Osbert - The oldest of Piper's brothers.

Major McEvoy - A British army soldier whose family takes in Piper and Daisy after they are relocated from their family farmhouse.

Mrs. McEvoy - The mother of Albert.

Dr. Jameson - A man about 35-years-old who comes to the family farmhouse in search of medicines.

Davina - Daisy's stepmother.

Daisy's father - He is a kind-hearted but weak character who lives in New York and sometimes writes to Daisy.

Daisy's mother - The woman...

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