How I Live Now Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Meg Rosoff
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Chapters 1-3

• As the story opens, Daisy says she's arrives in London expecting her Aunt Penn will meet her at the airport but she's met by her fourteen-year-old cousin, Edmond, who is smoking a cigarette and driving.

• Daisy is amazed by the huge, rambling farmhouse and all the animals, and she meets her other cousins, Edmond's twin Isaac, Osbert, and Piper.

• Daisy notes that she feels safer in that house than she has in a long time though she would soon find herself in danger.

Chapters 4-6

• Daisy wakes from a long nap to discover she has no cell phone service.

• Daisy reveals a strained relationship with her stepmother, who she calls Davina the Diabolical, and who is expecting a baby.

• Daisy says there has been a great deal of discussion about war.

• Aunt Penn returns home and asks about Daisy's life.

• Aunt Penn is the sister of...

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