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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lester get into the Behranis' house?

2. What does the deputy guarding Kathy tell her is likely to happen to Lester?

3. How does Kathy feel while she waits for Lester?

4. Why does Behrani frighten the people on the street as he runs to the hospital?

5. How does Lester know that Kathy doesn't need to go to the hospital?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Lester feel that his gun has become a "burdensome overreaction in the house?"

2. Why does Kathy feel a sense of unreality while she is in the hospital?

3. Why does Lester conclude that the Behranis have told him the truth about Kathy's situation?

4. When Lester describes his feelings during the drive to the county office, he says it is probably the way felons want to feel all the time. How does he say he feels?

5. After Esmail has been shot, the shooting officer looks at Lester. He needs a critical piece of information and Lester doesn't have it, either. What is that piece of information?

6. Why does young Deputy Gleason's expression of gratitude when he encounters Lester on the street make Lester feel worse?

7. Kathy says that she only has one hope now while she's waiting for Lester to return. What does she hope?

8. Although Lester believes Behrani's story, he becomes angry again when Behrani describes Kathy as "drunk." Behrani is angry at Lester when he sees him studying his photo with the shah. How are these two moments similar?

9. When Lester asks Kathy whether she really wanted to die, what does she answer and why is this answer important?

10. Why does Lester feel like a fraud?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At the end of the story, three of the main characters each say that they got what they deserved. Do you agree with them? Are the final results similar to what you predicted? In this essay, compare your early predictions for the outcome of this conflict with the actual resolution. If your predictions were different, do you like your ideas better than the actual results? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Lester has said that he loves and admires his wife. Why do you think he is willing to cause such pain to someone he loves and admires? Do you think he is surprised when she comes to the sheriff's office and creates a scene? Using quotations and facts from the story, analyze Lester's relationship with his wife.

Essay Topic 3

One definition of addiction is behavior that we continue even when we get negative consequences or when we know our actions are bad for us. When Kathy is waiting for something to happen, rather than taking action, she watches movies back to back, often without remembering what she has watched. Are movies another addiction for her? Can things that are not chemical be addictive? List Kathy's addictions and discuss the effect they have on her life.

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