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Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Behrani call an ambulance when they find Kathy has ingested pills?

2. When Kathy goes into the bathroom, what does she decide to do?

3. Why does Lester shake his head at his own increasing lack of judgment after waiting at the fish camp for Kathy for half an hour?

4. How does Kathy say she feels about herself now that she is safe in bed inside the house?

5. How does Esmail surprise Lester as they enter the county building?

Short Essay Questions

1. Kathy says that she only has one hope now while she's waiting for Lester to return. What does she hope?

2. Why does Lester feel that his gun has become a "burdensome overreaction in the house?"

3. As Kathy takes the pills to kill herself, how does her attitude toward the Behranis change?

4. How do his fellow officers feel about Lester after he has been arrested?

5. What is nazr?

6. Although Lester believes Behrani's story, he becomes angry again when Behrani describes Kathy as "drunk." Behrani is angry at Lester when he sees him studying his photo with the shah. How are these two moments similar?

7. Lester becomes suspicious of Esmail. What causes this reaction?

8. Behrani says that he sometimes believes he is being punished. What does he think he is being punished for, and how is this similar to Kathy's feelings?

9. What is Connie Walsh's planned defense for Kathy?

10. Who does Lester want to call from jail and what does he plan to say?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Do you agree with Nick that he and Kathy should not be parents? Why or why not? Use quotations and facts from the story to support your thesis.

Essay Topic 2

Kathy spends a significant amount of time in the process of cleaning. She cleans others' houses, and her baths, showers, and changes of clothing are recorded; yet she frequently mentions that she feels dirty. Find instances in the story where Kathy talks about feeling clean/dirty. What do these events tell you about her?

Essay Topic 3

We are not told that Kathy is beautiful, but there are several instances of responses to her from men, including bystanders and passing motorists. What do these responses tell you about her? What does Lester's response to her tell you about her? In your opinion, would the story have been different if Kathy's appearance was different? Why or why not?

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