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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Lester decide that the Behranis have not harmed Kathy?
(a) Their story convinces him.
(b) Kathy is ashamed of herself.
(c) Kathy tells him.
(d) Lester sees no effects of violence on Kathy.

2. Why do the police release Behrani with no charges against him?
(a) Witnesses corroborated his story.
(b) Lester has corroborated his story.
(c) Kathy corroborated his story.
(d) They believed him without corroboration.

3. How does Behrani feel when he has put Kathy to bed?
(a) Joyful at having saved a life.
(b) Angry that she has trespassed again.
(c) Disgusted at her debauched behavior.
(d) Relieved that she can't hurt them more.

4. What does Nadereh ask Kathy as soon as the men have left them alone?
(a) Will he hurt my husband?
(b) Will he hurt my son?
(c) Will he kill us all?
(d) Will he take my house?

5. Why does Kathy start to smile when she sees Connie Walsh in jail?
(a) Because Connie Walsh is wearing shoes.
(b) Because she is anxious for the news Connie Walsh is bringing.
(c) Because she knows Connie Walsh can get her out of jail.
(d) Because they are good friends.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gets injured by the gun?

2. Why doesn't Kathy burn down the house as she had intended?

3. Why are they moving Kathy to another hospital?

4. Why does Esmail say they are behaving like thugs?

5. What does Esmail find the courage to ask Behrani while they are locked in the bathroom?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Lester describes his feelings during the drive to the county office, he says it is probably the way felons want to feel all the time. How does he say he feels?

2. How do Behrani's feelings change when he finds Kathy in the car in his driveway?

3. Which of the Behranis takes responsibility for saving Kathy when they find her after she took the pills?

4. Kathy says that she only has one hope now while she's waiting for Lester to return. What does she hope?

5. Kathy doesn't shower because she doesn't want to clean up, then put on again the clothes she has stolen. How is this a metaphor for her situation now?

6. How does Kathy feel as she goes back into the house to wait for Lester?

7. Lester watches his own image in the elevator doors spread out from the middle, then disappear. How is this symbol a metaphor for his situation?

8. Why does Kathy feel a sense of unreality while she is in the hospital?

9. Why does Lester feel like a fraud?

10. Nadereh berates Behrani while he repairs her mother's table, but he lets her insults "pass over like training jets with no ammunition." Why doesn't he respond to her tirade, and what does she finally say that causes him to enter the argument?

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