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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Behrani feel when he has put Kathy to bed?
(a) Disgusted at her debauched behavior.
(b) Relieved that she can't hurt them more.
(c) Angry that she has trespassed again.
(d) Joyful at having saved a life.

2. Why doesn't Lester move his head as they drive to the county offices so that Behrani can see to drive?
(a) He is trying to torment Behrani.
(b) He doesn't notice that he is in the way.
(c) He doesn't want to appear soft in any way.
(d) He is preoccupied.

3. How does Kathy help Nadereh when she first realizes she is in pain?
(a) She calls the doctor and picks up her prescription.
(b) She drives her to the emergency room.
(c) She opens her medicine bottle and closes the shade.
(d) She fixes her a meal and puts on her music.

4. What does Deputy Gleason come to tell Lester when he sees him on the street with Behrani and Esmail?
(a) That Lester's reputation is being damaged.
(b) That he appreciates all that Lester taught him.
(c) That Lester is under arrest.
(d) That he hopes Lester will solve his marital problems.

5. What does Kathy do to try to help Nadereh while she sleeps?
(a) She brings her a glass of ice water.
(b) She brings her a blanket.
(c) She turns off the music.
(d) She puts a cool cloth on her forehead.

6. What does Lester's daughter think happens to the sun each evening?
(a) The ocean put it out.
(b) It fell from the sky.
(c) It hid behind the mountains.
(d) It exploded.

7. What does Lester pray for while he waits in jail?
(a) A way out of all the trouble.
(b) Kathy's safety.
(c) His wife's forgiveness.
(d) Esmail's recovery.

8. Why doesn't Kathy take a shower while she waits for Lester?
(a) She would have to get back into the clothes she stole.
(b) It's much too cold.
(c) The Behranis used all the towels in the bathroom.
(d) She doesn't feel dirty.

9. How does Lester get into the Behranis' house?
(a) He kicks out the window panes and opens the kitchen door.
(b) He opens the door and walks in.
(c) He rings the doorbell and waits.
(d) He pounds on the door until they answer.

10. How does looking at Soraya's picture make Kathy feel?
(a) Old, worn-out, and cheap.
(b) Renewed and hopeful.
(c) Remorseful and apologetic.
(d) Beautiful and hopeful.

11. What impresses Kathy about Behrani's behavior as they emerge from the bathroom?
(a) He has not complained about their treatment.
(b) He has excellent posture.
(c) He has shaved while held captive.
(d) He has remained calm.

12. How does Alvarez punish Lester's threatening the Behranis?
(a) An oral reprimand.
(b) Formal charges.
(c) Six months' suspension.
(d) One year's suspension.

13. Who does Lester call with the two phone calls he is permitted to make?
(a) His family and the hospital.
(b) Information and the Behrani house.
(c) Both were information.
(d) Information and the hospital.

14. How does Lester feel about his wife?
(a) He is disgusted by her.
(b) He admires her.
(c) He feels indifferent to her.
(d) He hates her.

15. Why does Behrani demand to be released from the bathroom?
(a) Nadereh is claustrophobic.
(b) The Behranis need food.
(c) The family is hot.
(d) The family is cold.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why hasn't Lester told Esmail the gun was empty?

2. What does Kathy worry about as she thinks of her own death?

3. Why does Lester think the Behranis have hurt Kathy as he watches through the window?

4. What does Behrani feel for Kathy when he finds her sleeping in the car?

5. Why doesn't Behrani attempt to explain events to Lester while he seems weak?

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