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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lester believe he will have to tell Alvarez the truth?
(a) Because the truth won't cause anyone harm.
(b) Because Alvarez already knows what's happened.
(c) Because Alvarez can tell when he's lying.
(d) So Alvarez won't visit the Behranis.

2. What does Alvarez explain to Behrani after Esmail has been shot?
(a) His legal recourse against Lester.
(b) That he will give Behrani a ride to the hospital.
(c) That the department regrets their error.
(d) How serious Esmail's wound is.

3. What deal does Lester offer Behrani when they come out of the bathroom?
(a) Leave the house promptly and there will be no more violence.
(b) Agree not to tell what has happened and they won't see each other again.
(c) Sign a release of the house.
(d) Give Kathy the money from the county and keep the house.

4. What question does Lester's friend Doug ask him?
(a) Are you going home to your wife?
(b) Do you need some help from me?
(c) Are you in any trouble?
(d) Are you real clear on what you're doing?

5. What does Kathy want from Lester now that she realizes they can never recover the house?
(a) For him to see her as desirable.
(b) For him to get out of her life forever.
(c) For him to finish all the trouble.
(d) For him to take her away.

6. What does Lester try to convince Kathy to do now that they have held the Behrani family overnight?
(a) Turn herself in to the police.
(b) Take the money from the county and leave with him.
(c) Kidnap his children and run away with him.
(d) Demand that the county pay full market value for the house.

7. What does Kathy think her mother will do when she finds out what has happened?
(a) Curse her for good.
(b) Demand that she come home.
(c) Get her into a rehab clinic.
(d) Rush to California to help her.

8. What does Nadereh ask Kathy as soon as the men have left them alone?
(a) Will he hurt my husband?
(b) Will he hurt my son?
(c) Will he kill us all?
(d) Will he take my house?

9. Why does Lester shake his head at his own increasing lack of judgment after waiting at the fish camp for Kathy for half an hour?
(a) He has threatened Behrani.
(b) He realizes that he has left his gun in Kathy's car.
(c) He has failed to keep his appointment with Alvarez.
(d) He has been driving recklessly.

10. What does Kathy think her brother will do when he finds out what has happened?
(a) Rush to California to help her.
(b) Put her on the expense side of his mental ledger.
(c) Tell their mother.
(d) Demand that she come home.

11. Of whom does Kathy remind Behrani?
(a) His wife.
(b) His daughter Soraya.
(c) His mother.
(d) His cousin Jasmeen.

12. Why does the guard advise Lester not to reveal his occupation?
(a) The other prisoners don't think well of cops.
(b) The other prisoners might make fun of him.
(c) The guards might be harder on him.
(d) It could increase his sentence.

13. Why doesn't Lester move his head as they drive to the county offices so that Behrani can see to drive?
(a) He doesn't notice that he is in the way.
(b) He doesn't want to appear soft in any way.
(c) He is trying to torment Behrani.
(d) He is preoccupied.

14. What does Kathy do to make things better at the house while she waits for Lester?
(a) She writes a note of apology.
(b) She cleans the house.
(c) She clears the broken glass from the door.
(d) She prepares dinner.

15. What does Lester instruct Kathy to think about while he is gone to the county offices with Esmail and Behrani?
(a) Someplace sunny they could go.
(b) Some way out of this mess.
(c) What to tell his boss.
(d) What to do with all that money.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Nadereh suffering from that causes Kathy to help her?

2. When Kathy goes into the bathroom, what does she decide to do?

3. What does Kathy do to try to help Nadereh while she sleeps?

4. Who does Lester call with the two phone calls he is permitted to make?

5. Why doesn't Behrani call an ambulance when they find Kathy has ingested pills?

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