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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lester think the Behranis have hurt Kathy as he watches through the window?
(a) She is screaming for help.
(b) She is in an ambulance.
(c) She is unconscious on the floor.
(d) She is barely conscious on the bed.

2. How does Behrani react to his wife's leaving the burden of action to him while they are held hostage?
(a) He is pleased and honored.
(b) He is grateful and resentful.
(c) He is flattered and grateful.
(d) He is frightened and resentful.

3. Why doesn't Kathy take a shower while she waits for Lester?
(a) She would have to get back into the clothes she stole.
(b) She doesn't feel dirty.
(c) It's much too cold.
(d) The Behranis used all the towels in the bathroom.

4. How has Esmail reacted to Lester's breaking into their home and holding them at gunpoint?
(a) First with a sense of adventure, then with true fear.
(b) First with fear, then with anger.
(c) First with fear, then with a sense of adventure.
(d) First with anger, then with fear.

5. What does Kathy think her brother will do when he finds out what has happened?
(a) Demand that she come home.
(b) Rush to California to help her.
(c) Put her on the expense side of his mental ledger.
(d) Tell their mother.

6. When Kathy goes into the bathroom, what does she decide to do?
(a) Break up with Lester.
(b) Commit suicide by overdosing on Nadereh's pills.
(c) Tell the county that she will accept the money and buy a new house.
(d) Start a program of diet and exercise.

7. What crimes is Kathy charged with?
(a) Aggravated kidnapping, false imprisonment, and brandishing a weapon.
(b) Breaking and entering and brandishing a weapon.
(c) Breaking and entering, brandishing a weapon, and theft.
(d) Theft and false imprisonment.

8. How does Nadereh try to reassure Esmail regarding the situation with Lester while they are locked in the bathroom?
(a) By tell ing him that his father is smarter than Lester.
(b) By telling him that his father is stronger than Lester.
(c) By telling him that his father is tougher than Lester.
(d) By telling him that his father outranks Lester.

9. How does Lester decide that the Behranis have not harmed Kathy?
(a) Kathy is ashamed of herself.
(b) Their story convinces him.
(c) Lester sees no effects of violence on Kathy.
(d) Kathy tells him.

10. When Esmail learns that Kathy has tried to commit suicide, what is his response?
(a) We should call an ambulance.
(b) We should have moved.
(c) We should call the police.
(d) We should have kept her with us.

11. What does Behrani instruct Soraya to do with the house?
(a) Burn it.
(b) Flee from it because it is cursed.
(c) Live there if she likes, or sell it for no less than a hundred thousand.
(d) Preserve it to return it to Kathy.

12. What does Deputy Gleason come to tell Lester when he sees him on the street with Behrani and Esmail?
(a) That he appreciates all that Lester taught him.
(b) That he hopes Lester will solve his marital problems.
(c) That Lester's reputation is being damaged.
(d) That Lester is under arrest.

13. What does Kathy do to make things better at the house while she waits for Lester?
(a) She prepares dinner.
(b) She clears the broken glass from the door.
(c) She writes a note of apology.
(d) She cleans the house.

14. Why does Lester believe he will have to tell Alvarez the truth?
(a) Because the truth won't cause anyone harm.
(b) So Alvarez won't visit the Behranis.
(c) Because Alvarez can tell when he's lying.
(d) Because Alvarez already knows what's happened.

15. What order of Lester's does Behrani refuse to obey when they park in the county parking garage?
(a) To drive to the county office.
(b) To drive to the police station.
(c) To get paperwork from the county.
(d) To leave Esmail with Lester and go to the county office.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kathy do to try to help Nadereh while she sleeps?

2. Of whom does Kathy remind Behrani?

3. How does Behrani say he feels about his menial job on bad days?

4. Why doesn't Kathy burn down the house as she had intended?

5. What does Lester call the Whore Twenty-Four?

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