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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What animal is killed to celebrate the Behranis' marriage in Iran?
(a) A pig.
(b) A sheep.
(c) A goat.
(d) A calf.

2. How long has Kathy been sober?
(a) Three months.
(b) Three days.
(c) Three years.
(d) Three weeks.

3. What lie does Behrani tell Esmail when he explains how Kathy lost the house?
(a) That they will move back to the apartment.
(b) That Kathy lost the house because she didn't pay her taxes.
(c) That they are going home to Iran soon.
(d) That Kathy is crazy.

4. What is the first law that Lester and Kathy break as they drive to the fish camp?
(a) They call to threaten the Behrani family.
(b) They drink beer.
(c) They speed.
(d) They use drugs.

5. How does Behrani respond when passersby stare at him?
(a) He looks away.
(b) He stares back without blinking.
(c) He smiles to break the tension.
(d) He closes his eyes until they are gone.

6. Why does Behrani shave and change clothes before going home from work?
(a) Because he's too uncomfortable to wait.
(b) Because he will visit business associates on the way home.
(c) So his son will not know the kind of work he does.
(d) Because his wife doesn't like him to shower at home.

7. Why does Lester put on his uniform to go see Behrani?
(a) He thinks an officer will listen more respectfully to another officer.
(b) He doesn't have another outfit.
(c) He is making an official visit.
(d) He represents San Mateo County.

8. What threat does Lester make to Behrani during his visit to the house?
(a) That he can bring a lawsuit against him.
(b) That he can arrange to have him deported.
(c) That he can put him in jail.
(d) That he can charge him with a misdemeanor.

9. Why does Esmail become angry with his father?
(a) He wants to go home to Iran.
(b) He wants to invite his friends to his house.
(c) His father won't buy him things he wants.
(d) He doesn't want to move.

10. Why does Kathy buy a can of gasoline?
(a) Her car is out of gas.
(b) They need gas for the barbecue at the fish camp.
(c) She wants to burn down the house.
(d) She's helping a stranded motorist.

11. What does Behrani do at the Sheriff's Office?
(a) He reports Lester's threats to him.
(b) He reports the county's error in selling the house.
(c) He reports Kathy's threats to him.
(d) He admits his own wrongdoing.

12. When Lester arrives at the house, what law does he tell Behrani he has broken?
(a) Selling a house without a realtor.
(b) Posting a sign on a utility pole.
(c) Posting a sign in the yard.
(d) Advertising a house he does not own.

13. How does Kathy first learn that Lester is married?
(a) He tells her.
(b) She sees his wedding band.
(c) She sees his children's toys in the back seat.
(d) His wife calls while they are talking.

14. What is a najar?
(a) A lawyer.
(b) A real estate agent.
(c) A policeman.
(d) A carpenter.

15. How does Behrani break the law when he sees Kathy at his house talking to Nadereh?
(a) He shakes her and shoves her into her car.
(b) He threatens her.
(c) He hits her.
(d) He threatens her and hits her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kathy want that her husband Nick doesn't want her to have?

2. Why is Behrani comfortable in the sheriff's office?

3. Who does Nadereh think Kathy is when she first meets her?

4. Why doesn't Behrani ever worry about his wife's housekeeping?

5. Why does Kathy call her brother Frank?

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