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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Kathy decide to talk to Nadereh alone?
(a) She believes she can frighten the timid woman.
(b) She believes Nadereh is on her side.
(c) She hopes that they can agree as women.
(d) She knows Nadereh doesn't like the little house.

2. What is Kathy beginning to hope when Lester invites her to bring her things to the fish camp?
(a) That he will marry her.
(b) That they will stay at the cabin forever.
(c) That he will want to have children with her.
(d) That they will go away together.

3. Why is Kathy upset when Nadereh says she resembles Soraya?
(a) Soraya's life has been better than hers.
(b) Soraya is ugly.
(c) Soraya is Iranian.
(d) Soraya is much fatter.

4. How much will Behrani make if he sells the house for its appraised value?
(a) Twice what he paid for it.
(b) Four times what he paid for it.
(c) Less than he paid for it.
(d) Three times what he paid for it.

5. Why doesn't Kathy explain the house situation to Frank?
(a) He's too busy to listen to her.
(b) She realizes she can solve things herself.
(c) He's obviously not interested in her problems.
(d) He makes her feel like a loser.

6. How is Kathy injured when she goes to the house?
(a) She cuts her arm on broken window glass.
(b) She steps into a hole and twists her ankle.
(c) She trips on the carpenters' tools.
(d) She steps on nails.

7. Why does Behmani call Esmail a chicken?
(a) Because of the way he dances.
(b) Because it's a term of endearment.
(c) Because he's a coward.
(d) Because his legs are too thin,

8. What vow does Lester break on the day they go to the fish camp?
(a) His promise to never leave his children.
(b) His oath as a deputy sheriff.
(c) His wedding vow.
(d) His promise to himself to quit drinking.

9. What is a najar?
(a) A policeman.
(b) A lawyer.
(c) A real estate agent.
(d) A carpenter.

10. Why does Kathy think Mrs. Behrani is like Kathy's mother?
(a) She looks disapprovingly at her skimpy clothing.
(b) She sings to her.
(c) She cooks like her mother.
(d) She takes her to the hospital.

11. Why does Lester put on his uniform to go see Behrani?
(a) He thinks an officer will listen more respectfully to another officer.
(b) He represents San Mateo County.
(c) He is making an official visit.
(d) He doesn't have another outfit.

12. What two things does Esmail like about the new house?
(a) The view of the ocean and the nearby mall.
(b) The shady tree and the quiet.
(c) The yard and the girl next door.
(d) The skateboarding hill and good TV reception.

13. When Lester arrives at the house, what law does he tell Behrani he has broken?
(a) Posting a sign in the yard.
(b) Posting a sign on a utility pole.
(c) Selling a house without a realtor.
(d) Advertising a house he does not own.

14. Why does Nadereh hang the photo of Behrani with the shah?
(a) To intimidate Kathy.
(b) To frighten their visitors.
(c) Because the colors blend well with the furniture.
(d) To remind their new relatives that they are important people.

15. What are the Behranis preparing to celebrate when Behrani learns that Kathy has come to the house?
(a) Their anniversary.
(b) Esmail's birthday
(c) The return of their daughter and her husband from their honeymoon.
(d) The anniversary of their arrival in the United States.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Kathy keep her vow to herself not to drink anymore?

2. How much money does the county claim Kathy owes them?

3. Why does Nadereh ask Kathy to write the things she has told her during their visit?

4. What advice does Lester Burdon give Kathy regarding her house?

5. What does Kathy want that her husband Nick doesn't want her to have?

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