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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part I: Section 17 | Part I: Section 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Nadereh think Kathy is when she first meets her?
(a) A visiting neighbor.
(b) A panhandler.
(c) The carpenter's girlfriend.
(d) A missionary.

2. Why does Kathy think Mrs. Behrani is like Kathy's mother?
(a) She cooks like her mother.
(b) She sings to her.
(c) She looks disapprovingly at her skimpy clothing.
(d) She takes her to the hospital.

3. Why does Behrani wear his best clothes for the appointment with Connie Walsh?
(a) He wants to be handsome.
(b) He considers it important business.
(c) He wants to appear wealthy.
(d) He wants to seem aggressive.

4. What does Connie Walsh say is Kathy's only recourse now that they know that Behrani will not give up the house?
(a) Call the sheriff to evict the Behranis.
(b) Hire someone to intimidate Behrani.
(c) Sue the county for the value of the house.
(d) Talk directly to Behrani and try to convince him to leave.

5. How does Kathy first learn that Lester is married?
(a) His wife calls while they are talking.
(b) She sees his children's toys in the back seat.
(c) She sees his wedding band.
(d) He tells her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Esmail become angry with his father?

2. Who owns half of Kathy's house?

3. How much will Behrani make if he sells the house for its appraised value?

4. How does Behrani learn that Kathy came to the house?

5. What does Connie Walsh say would be the best outcome of the situation with the house?

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