House of Sand and Fog Character Descriptions

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Genob Sarhang Massoud Amir Behrani (Colonel, Imperial Air Force)

This character hopes to recoup his once-substantial fortune by investing in real estate.

Nadereh Behrani

This character has been fearful and unhappy since arriving in the U.S., but is compassionate and tries to help others, sometimes at great cost.

Esmail Kamfar Behrani

This character is tall and tanned, loves skateboarding and tries to help the family by offering the income from a paper route.

Soraya Behrani Farahsat

This character is beautiful, recently married, and recalls the days in Iran when the family had money and social standing.

Kathy Nicolo/Kathy Lazaro

This suicidal character believes that if the house that was an inheritance is lost, everything is lost.

Connie Walsh

This person is professional, even though she doesn't wear shoes, and is able to use her professional standing to cause San Mateo County to admit its mistake in...

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